Primitif (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


[Verse 1]
Profit, gang-gang, profit
First thought: always primitive; generating money is not difficult
Payday, dance like Billie Jean, hey, hey, illicit pleasure
Shy, I get emotional, I look at the sky, its patterns, hey
At every moment it's possible, but at every moment, the emoji cries
Only violence on the monitor, it affects kids but also monitors
Money demolishes the heart; when it's missing, it demolishes the ass
Don't suck for more nuggets, don't shit in my boots, there's no more toilet paper, shit
Primitive, fuck I'm so primitive
Dead alive like Lady Di, I'm gonna make a billion, like P. Diddy.
Only clouds limit, I'm careful, there are kids who imitate me
You bastard, you're so finished, you deserve syphilis
[Verse 2]
Don't talk about evil when you've fucked up, when evil is done
What's up the tavern man, I'm gonna take Leffe till I shoot my bladder
Stop crying, it's pathetic, stop living in a tragedy
Aim for something other than the French unemployment insurance agency with the conso' in the Atemi
I'm doggin' synthetic slut in synthetic jogging, yeah
Synthetic product, synthetic false lashes, all synthetic except my atypical profile
Whatever the case, I'm peaceful, am I the only scholar in the VIP room?
I see rubies when we affiliate and the Mu continent in the Pacific, wow
Your ass turns like a handspinner, I write my destiny without ghostwriter
It clogs up at the drive when the dope circulates, I spit smoke, it makes crop circles (ouh, ouh)
What is this world we leave to our little sisters? A big dick on a Post-It
And embezzlement in headlines? Nah
I'm from the new civilization, you're gonna end up on the street, that's the best bullying
You'd forget your elevation but fuck this shit, I'm gonna work dry long before I'm thirty-seven
I am close to the masters with a Breitling, I only repeat the prophecy
[Bridge 2]
Primitive, I'm still too primitive, I eat animals
On your friends, I piss like a real Parisian
Vodka-Paquito to not fuck those clowns out of the big top
"Glober" eyes like Stabilo, it gobbles tails like Haribo
[Verse 3]
I master chemistry and alchemy, I'm in sashimi
All I have to do is think about your chick and that's it, to me your chick leads
I tackle to the throat, not to the ankle, I don't change any sides
I can't give up until I'm rich, I run after time, I walk fast (wow)
I want to fly away, right now, I'm vibrating low, I don't blame anyone, I'm the one who's delaying me
Either I make a million and get the hell out of here, or the CIA will sift me
I write this rap like a cry of rage, it smells like war as soon as I take the vote
In a way, even when I want to give love, she gets spasms (spasms, spasms).
Primitive, I am still too primitive (I am still too primitive)
Primitive (primitive)
Primitive, I am still too primitive (I am still too primitive)
Primitive (primitive), primitive (primitive)
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