Block out - Protiv sebe (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Against myself

Heavy sleep1, quiet step, dead darkness, black cloud
A homeless man seeking
A sum of signs all over the jungle2
And your hands3 are gentle, you lay them onto me lightly
Your words are clear, I should just trust you and it will go away
I would never dream, but someone is making me do it
I have no source of light
There is only darkness in sight
A black hat4 over my eyes
I'm afraid of taking it off
There is no reason for a better world
Everything I think of, I create for myself
But against myself, against myself, against myself...
I know well what I'm doing
But I don't know why
Everything gets a different colour and smell
How many times have I started over
And reached the same cursed spot
My time is passing
I don't have much of it left
My time is passing
I don't have much of it left
And I haven't had time to collect any debts5
Fear or trepidation
I steal your thoughts, I work against myself
Against myself...
  • 1. The Serbian word "san" means both "sleep" and "dream".
  • 2. "Prašuma" doesn't necessarily have the exotic connotation that the word "jungle" has - it can simply mean an ancient, thick forest.
  • 3. "Ruke" means "arms", not "hands", but hands are more appropriate in the context.
  • 4. "Kapa" is a soft, woolen hat, not a tophat.
  • 5. Literally "to charge anything", but this is obviously what was meant.
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Protiv sebe

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