Dimitris Mpasis - Psithyroi Kardias (Ψίθυροι καρδιάς) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Whispers from the heart

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A big moon like a liner
upon the body slid
and whispered soft in secret
of high seas bawdy sweet
With eyes wide open flaming
rough words and harder times
I pushed aside just for you
checkposts and borderlines
[Chorus 1:]
What must I, what I must not
did never cross my mind
because till death I love you
to the end of mankind
[Chorus 2:]
My steps draw me towards you
with you my borders lie
I don't care if I'll go through
all hell and water high
Α big moon like a liner
onto our bed it sails
delivers our caresses
and love too as it scales
On maps, on land and cities
by whispers from the heart
my love what was against us,
will burn and come apart
(chorus 1 2 1 2)
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Psithyroi Kardias (Ψίθυροι καρδιάς)

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