Que alguien me diga (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Can someone tell me

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The days roll by,
and I be feeling,
without a kiss,
like any other day ,
every morning,
I attempt,
to forget you,
but there you are.
your memory strikes
my soul
like a hidden hunter
it follows me through
this loneliness
Just when I think I have finally
forgotten you
and I'll fall in love again
Your memory appears out of nowhere,
And I am no one.
Can… Someone tell me,
how to forget ,
and rip apart
a love that's on the heart,
can someone help me?
I find it urgent
I've been searching for someone
to take this pain away,
Love me forever,
Accept me as I am,
that someone to
give me their sweetness
whoever it is
come forth
I beg you please
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Que alguien me diga

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