Manolo Sevilla - Que tu no me quieres a mi ... (Englisch Übersetzung)


Que tu no me quieres a mi ...

Que tú no me quieres a mí
te llevo en mi pensamiento
mi vía será un tormento
desde que vivo sin ti
A preguntarle una cosa
que yo quisiera hablar con Dios
porqué el tallo de las rosas
tiene espinas alrededor
siendo una flor tan hermosa
Mentira me parecía
ay vocecitas doy por las calles
y nadie me respondía
De mare, de mare
de color de cera mare
tengo yo mis propias carnes
de color de cera mare
que me ha puesto esta flamenca
que no me conoce nadie
Tú me lo pones con maña
piedrecitas por la calle
pa que yo tropiece y ciaga
Lo he dicho y lo voy a hacer
y un teléfono chiquito
pa saber de tu querer
Von Inese am Mi, 25/11/2009 - 11:36 eingetragen
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I'll be very thankful if someone could translate from Spanish to English the text of this flamenco song.

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Englisch Übersetzung

That You Don't Love Me...

That you don't love me
I bring you around in my mind
My road will be a storm
if I'm not living with you
To ask him something,
I wanted to talk to God.
I wanted to ask him why the stem of a rose
has thorns all over it
even though it's a beautiful flower.
It seems like a lie to me
I try talking to people on the street
but everyone ignores me
Brown, brown,
The color of brown wax.
I have my own meat
And it's brown
That I've given to a Finnish girl
That nobody knows me
That you put me aside
pebbles on the ground
So I'll trip over them and shit myself
I've said it and I'm going to do it
and a little phone
to know about your love.
Von tequiero am Mi, 01/08/2012 - 01:16 eingetragen
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This is an incredibly weird song. I've never heard it before, and halfway through it just stops making sense...

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