رفتی (Rafti) (Englisch Übersetzung)


ای که رفته با خود، دلی شکسته بردی
این چنین به طوفان، تن مرا سپردی
ای که مهر باطل زدی به دفتر من
بعد تو نیامد چه ها که بر سر من
ای خدای عالم چگونه باورم شد
آن که روزگاری پناه و یاورم شد
سایه اش نماند همیشه بر سر من
زیر لب بخندد به مرگ و پرپر من
رفتی و ندیدی که بی تو، شکسته بال و خسته ام
رفتی و ندیدی که بی تو، چگونه پر شکسته ام
رفتی و نهادی چه آسان دل مرا به زیر پا
رفتی و خیالت زمانی نمیکند مرا رها
ای به دل آشنا، تا که هستم بیا
وای من اگر نیایی
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پیانو : سامان احتشامی
شاعر : رحیم معینی کرمانشاهی

Must Listen Regular smile

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You left

hey the one who left and took a broken heart with
the one who left my body to storm* like this
the one who stamped "void" on my book*
what difficulties that i've been through after you
oh Lord how did i believe
the one who became my refuge and my helper for some times
she* won't stay with me forever
she will laugh at my death and fluttering
You left and you didn't see that without you i'm upset* and tired
You left and you didn't see how broken-winged i am without you
you left and you put my heart under your feet so easily
you left but your thoughts won't live me alone for a moment
hey the one who's familiar to my heart, come as i'm still alive
Bad for me if you don't come
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Kommentare des Autors:

*metaphor of unpleasant situation
*here book means destiny, life book. you made my life void and empty
*broken-winged, also means weak
*he and she don't have any difference in Persian, i used she because the singer is male

This song is just amazing. i recommend you to listen it Regular smile

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