Right and left

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Bedeutungen von „Right and left“


It means someone's own wish to do anything with no sense of seriousness.
Example : Nobody should spend his money right and left.

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in a very quick and uncontrolled way; in all directions; everywhere.

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везде; где попало; со всех сторон; в неконтролируемой манере.

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„Right and left“ in Songtexten

DAOKO - Love

I can become so strong
That it's annoying
Look right and left
Look down, and while relieved

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz - For Pure Love - Words Don't Count

I don't know anything
In spite of all those who know everything
On my right and left bad women*
I'm fed up, throw me out.

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie

And when you walk up on the dance floor
Nobody cannot ignore the way you move your body, girl
And everything so unexpected - the way you right and left it
So you can keep on taking it

İsmail YK - Step on It

Wow, I'm a badass
Wow, my eyes are cakes and ale
I turn the wheel to the right and left

Giorgos Mazonakis - Cheap alcohol

Your words for love I don't believe them
Don't tell them right and left
Because for someone is only words

Fares Karam - At-tanoura

she’s in love with herself
the high heal looks good on her
the wind is blowing right and left
her skirt is really short and her shirt is see through

Sarbel - I took you seriously

what (of it) if I took you seriously
right you look and left (you turn your attention right and left)
"looks to be throwing" and to us (you are glancing around and as far as we are concerned)

Edis - Lip

C'mon, Send me kisses from your lips and cheeks,
Let my withered heart get some moisture.
If you look at your right and left once,
You will understand who is crazier than a crazy.

Russian Folk - Song of the cadets of the Nikolaev Cavalry School

Plop-рlop-рlop a bottle of state's wine[fn]"state's wine" means - "vodka". Because at that time it was sold by the state monopoly. So "wine" here means "alcohol"[/fn] (x2)

"Finishing School" girls walk right and left past us.
How can we, brothers, hold the line?

Ersay Üner - Two Lovers

We are two lovers who were confused
We twisted and turned (we did hit right and left, lost direction)
How did it end, we were surprised too

Agam Buhbut - Like in Rio

Right and left, a little moving of the hips
Left, right, another turn quickly
Right and left, a little moving of the hips
Left, right, another turn quickly

Mabel Matiz - It Ain't Difficult

I'm talking through one's hat, in a inflated way
To right and left, it ain't different
I'm making and making up

Zap Tharwat - Who is meant to be?

not every couple days we find a trial for Muslims!
you called us terrorists .. you threw everything on the religion
those Arabs are ignorant .. money on right and left
this words coming out of who? from an Americans! oh sorry

Güliz Ayla - Isn't It Enough

When you were asleep, oh, I've already been beaten in a war
When you were asleep, oh, mud stain, at my right and left

Ajda Pekkan - I'm with you

They can't see, I smile inside

You are at my right and left
In my cigaret, in my room

DAOKO - I'm Still Dreaming

Not black or white, I choose gray
Right and left are wrong, i'll take the middle

Orhan Gencebay - Stuck on my mind.

I've thought about you all through the last night.
What you said stuck on my mind.
I've turned right and left while sleeping.
The cynic smile stuck on my mind.

Gökçe - He kept and hurled

We stayed in a while when he pleased, I was been his love sometimes his beloved
But I became nobody for him and so I'm exhausted
I kept to wobble the right and left
When I saw him I surrendered right away

Édith Piaf - The Beautiful Indifferent

But your face smug, I do not stand
Now, if you sleep, I say "Here I am alone, there it is. I can pampering, touch, look at him."
I sleep badly. I almost never sleep. So I say "There he is, he does not run to the right and left. I have it, I keep it."

Don Williams - I Believe in You

I don't believe the price of gold
The certainty of growing old
That right is right and left is wrong
That north and south can't get along