on the ropes

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Idiomatische Übersetzungen von „on the ropes“

în corzi
köşeye sıkışmak

Bedeutungen von „on the ropes“


(iz boksa) kada si u kutu, u teškoj situaciji

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Erklärt von Belmin GadžunBelmin Gadžun

(from boxing) being cornered, in a difficult situation

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Estar contra las cuerdas. - helenofila vor 7 Jahre

„on the ropes“ in Songtexten

Perk-a-Cola (OST Call of Duty) - Tombstone

Seal the master plan with Tombstone!
It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone!
Health is drainin', you're on the ropes.
Death is waitin', don't lose your hopes.

Jaymes Young - Happiest Year

I'm really on the ropes this time
I've been fighting all my life for you
I never should have said goodbye
But maybe that's what stupid people do

Dadju - Pair of aces

I wanted to make millions, millions, now I have two or three
I tell these losers what time it is, I just signed with Audemars
I was on the ropes, I was only waiting to pierce their sides with a hook
I’ve always believed in the proverb that says, “Sooner or later”

J-Ax - Just like your mother

Mum was the one who still had courage
Between medicines and belly shots
I was on the ropes
So I started thinking about religion

One OK Rock - Can't Wait

Now my
Back's on the ropes
Got nowhere to go

Mondo Marcio - Inside the box

They say Marcio is strong
Marcio doesn't give up
I guess it is valid when you're on the ropes
it's tragic how an innocent kid


Don't leave this town my dear
Don't leave even for the day
I'm on the ropes again
I need you as I am

BOBI - Smoke

And we could make it last 'cause I can't say no
But i'm scared of getting burned if I get too close
And now you got me where you want me cause i'm on the ropes
Baby, don't make me rush

Alessia Cara - Trust My Lonely

My world is brighter by itself
And I can do better, do better
You and I were swayin' on the ropes
I found my footing on my own

Die Atzen - Party (I Wanna Live It Up)

Atzen rap my flow
No boredom
We aren't on the ropes1
We are always partying

  • 1. meaning: "we aren't spent/tired yet"

One OK Rock - Can't Wait

Now my
Back's on the ropes
Got nowhere to go

Lost Frequencies - Recognise

Feel like I'm losing time (Yeah)
Here we go, here we go again
On the ropes, on the ropes
It's not me, yeah (Hey)

NF - On Another Level

The more that I control the fight
And now you're on the ropes,
Now you're on the ropes what you gon' do?!
Quitting's not an option,

s0cliché - Elli ton

Dedikoducunun teki o1
Konuşurken çok yaramaz
Zayıf düşürür beni2
Pataklayıp durur3

  • 1. busybody: sürekli herkesi kontrol edip arkasından konuşan sinir bozucu kimse
  • 2. to get someone on the ropes: birini hapsetmek zayıf duruma düşürmek savunmasız kılmak anlamında deyim
  • 3. to fold someone: birini tekmelemek anlamında, origamide birçok defa "katlama" olduğundan birçok kez vurmak kastediliyor

Kendrick Lamar - Big Shot

Pop off and I pop back like Fiddy (yeah)
I hit the shit and forgot about the flow (yeah)
Brain so big, got my haters on the ropes (yeah)
This be the wave, plus I live on the coast (yeah)

s0cliché - fifty shades

she a busy body
naughty when she talking
got me on the ropes
she fold like origami

Stormzy - Wiley Flow

And my day one bros, they kept me close
Then I sip my Tetley, take a toke
They're tryna get me on the ropes
Ayy, bro got the speshy in his coat

Tommee Profitt - Heroes Rise

There's always still hope
'Cause like a beacon we're shining
When the world's on the ropes

Noah Cyrus - Make Me (Cry)

Your kiss is like an antidote
I'm fightin' like I'm Ali
But you got me on the ropes

Abi Ocia - Where Are You?

[Verse 2]
Got me on the ropes again, honey
Falling to my knees again, honey