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  • Roscoe

    I Love Cali • I Love Cali (2000)


I Love Cali Liedtext

I Love Cali in the Summer Time!
Oh boy!
Yeah, Los Angeles
Yeah I just wanna say "Much love to my big brother Kurupt Young Gotti!"
Later man! (Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Yeah I hear the West Coast (Summertime) yeah put it down
They call me Roscoe by the way just so you know (Dogg Pound Gangstas!)
Californ-I-A, Y-A, where everyday it's Friday
They call me Young Roscoe the Philly Fanatic
Out in the West Coast showin' my bad habitts
I give the people what they want keep the party crackin'
This are my homies out in the club tryin' to make it happen
And all the girlies wanna creep at least one time
And see if true what all they Homegirls be sayin' about my blood line
And it ain't nothin' like a sunny summer day
In the city of LA
Livin' bussy gettin' pay
That's how we do it on the West
We sip liquid and spit it like fluid in the West
And I can make you love if you don't
Bump it if you won't
Nothin' like bomb music from the West
Layin' under palm trees wit lil' mamas feelin' the breathe
And I don't think I ever wanna leave
I Love Cali in the Summer Time!
[Hook 2X]
I Love Cali in the Summer Timeeee
(I Love Cali in The Summer Time!)
I love it (Dogg Pound Gangstas)
Twenty inch dub on a 6-4 hoppin'
Pull up and see it's already poppin'
And let my squad on the tu-b
What we doin barbecuin' a leg
Doin' it under the air fluence so the music got you movin' in it
Nobody on the wall
Nobody sittin' at all
It's like a protacall
The way I got it 'em all waxin' their fos up
Ridin' around wit twenties on their donuts (Donuts)
Pancakes wit enough bass
To insinuate earthquakes
While the sun just bakes
Havin' fun up in the sunny states
Bumpin' the brakes at the yellow light
My seatbelt on tight
Don't need no cops on my tail tonight
And when you go to the club
I'm in the back wit a bad mamacita massagin' my back
Party people tear the club up
And make 'em feel it from LA to the Bay
Now put your dubs up
I Love Cali in the Summer Time
[Hook 2X]
Come on
You know you got me movin'
I'm rollin' dippin' smashin'
I'm gonna show you how G's do Baby!
How the D-P-G's do Baby, Baby
You know you got me movin'
I'm rollin' dippin' smashin'
I'm gonna show you how G's do Baby!
How the D-P-G's do Baby, Baby
Is G's up, is Cali in the summer when it really heats up
It gotta be the hood Homie throwin' heats up
And G's up you got a Benz on flows on a movy put your keys up
Pedals to the floor and ease up
And when the bookies aproach you gotta speed up
You might see Roscoe the Young Gaud
In the club sippin' wine and if you don't we carris up
We go shanties zeros on my contract
I might sign six fig spittin non wax
I got my mind on money, women, and fo's
Hot boxin' the Benz all rollin' the windows up
Roll wit the tint glow
Homies roll wit me ten in the most when I'm outside or posted in the G ride
Flonse it Lorenzo
But tempo is faster then when you drive so fast
Your rims glow off from the moonlight and is fear slow (Slow)
Yeah, yeah we do just like this
Ah, we do just like this
Yeah, Yeah
I Love Cali in the Summer Time
I Love Cali in the Summer Timeeee
I love it
2-5 in the house (Dogg Pound Gansta)
It don't get no better
From the Women to the weather
I ain't goin' nowhere


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