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Only one

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I know i'm not the first who cannot,
walk to highest peak of the world.
And I will not be the last,
to see you in my dreams.
How many have breath the air before
and how many had most beautiful child?
How many come after us to this world?
But I am the only one,
to carry our blood,
I am the only one,
to calm down your cries.
I am the only one,
who cannot exist
cannot exist without your world.
I know I'm not the first who cannot sleep,
because of worries and pains
and I am not last to once not wake up.
To others I've shown my smile,
others have seen tears on the floor,
other have bitten skin off me again and again.
But I am the only one,
who licks the blood of your wound,
I am only one who calms down your cries.
And the only one who does not exist,
does not exists without your world.
But I've gained a hope for this world,
i heard you want to live with me
and that only makes this life worthwhile.
So today I take a breath of air,
today i have most beautiful child
and i fall asleep to wake up with you.
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Original translation is somewhat different then English version. I've made minor corrections, so you can somewhat sing it.

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