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Sarajevski Dućani (Englisch Übersetzung)


Sarajevski Dućani

Jutros rano prodjoh
Kraj morica Hana
Sretoh lijepu Djulu
Pokraj bezistana
Asik jedno na drugo
Gleda smo se zadugo
Hem je sokak tjesan
Hem ja momak bjesan
Ja joj Bogme reko
I dva i tri puta
Asik sik jesam na tebe
Iskacu te zasebe
Nasmija se Djula
I na njoj djerdani
Stadose predamnom
Igrati ducani
Aman, aman ja rabi
Ja kad je se dograbi
Pomrsi joj kose
Pokidah djerdane
A ona se vise ne
Nasmija name
Samo rece arsuze
Svu me vatra obuze
Samo rece hrsuze
Svu me vatra obuze
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Sarajevo's shops

Early in the morning I went
Pass the Morića Han
I have seen beautiful Djula
Beside the markethall
In love with each other
We were looking at eachcother for some time
Also the street is narrow
Also I am an anrgy boy
I, I swear to God, said
And two and three times
I am in love with you
I will ask(propose) you for myself
Djula has smiled
And there are necklaces on her
In front of me
the shops started to play
(aman, aman ya rabbi) Oh, my god
Me when I get her
I just tangle her hair
Rip her necklaces
And she is not
Smiling at me anymore
She just said (you are a) shameless person
A fire just spread across me
She just said (you are a) bandit/brigant
A fire just spread across me
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*Morića Han was built at end of the XVI or the beginning of the XVII century. It is the last preserved caravanserai in this region. Caravanserai (caravan-serai = caravan-palace) is a large building enclosing a courtyard, used for accomodating caravans.

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