Se'n va anar (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

He Left

So much time has passed;
Within me, there are so many nights.
Up in the sky, the city
Where, maybe, he has gone...
He left
One very clear day.
I don't know if it was for a faraway land;
He left
To go to that place...
I don't know if he'll ever come back!
He left,
He took my hand;
For a goodbye doesn't really require any words.
He left
And a mirror
Is all that's left to me, so I can remember...
Tell me, my love, if it's true
That beyond there, the days are fine.
Tell me if, whenever one gets lost
It's because one had found happiness.
He left,
He took my hand;
I don't know what he told me...
He left
To somewhere beyond the sky
And he shall never, ever return...
Von Metodius am Di, 12/02/2019 - 20:27 eingetragen

Se'n va anar

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