Bump of Chicken - Sento Erumo no Hi (セントエルモの火 ) (Englisch Übersetzung)


Sento Erumo no Hi (セントエルモの火 )

夜が終わる前に追い付けるかな 同じ坂道の上の違う位置で
同じ場所に向けて 歩いてるんだ 今どんな顔してる
言葉を知ってるのはお互い様な 言葉が足りないのもお互い様な
勝手について来たんだ 構わず行けよ ほら全部がお互い様な
how far are you? 星が綺麗な事に 気付いてるかな
僕が気付けたのは 君のおかげなんだよ ずっと上を見てたから
急に険しくなった手も使わなきゃ ここ登る時に怪我なんかしてないといいが
立ち止まって知ったよ 笑うくらい寒いや ちゃんと上着持ってきたか
解り合おうとしたら迷子になる 近くても遠くてややこしくて面倒な僕らだ
だからついて来たんだ 解り易いだろう ちょっとしんどいけど楽しいよ
how far are you? 震える小さな花を 見付けたかな
闇が怖くないのは 君のおかげなんだよ 君も歩いた道だから
言いたい事は無いよ 聞きたい事も無いよ
ただ 届けたい事なら ちょっとあるんだ
ついて来たっていう 馬鹿げた事実に
価値など無いけど それだけ知って欲しくてさ
どれくらい先にいるんだろう どれくらい離れてるんだろう
靴紐結びがてら少し休むよ どうでもいいけどさ 水筒って便利だ
寝転んでみた夜空に 静寂は笑って 月が滲んで揺れる
解らない何かで胸が一杯だ こんなに疲れても足は動いてくれる
同じ場所に向けて 歩いてたんじゃない 僕は君に向かってるんだ
how far are you? 一緒に生きてる事は 当たり前じゃない
別々の呼吸を 懸命に読み合って ここまで来たんだよ
how far are you? 僕が放った唄に 気付いてないなら
いつまでだって歌おう 君のおかげなんだよ いつも探してくれるから
今どんな顔してる ちょっとしんどいけど楽しいよ
ほら 全部がお互い様な さあ どんな唄歌う
どれくらい先にいるんだろう どれくらい離れてるんだろう
さあ どんな唄歌う
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Englisch Übersetzung

St. Elmo's fire

Will I be able to catch up with you before the night ends? We're on the same hill road, in different locations
Walking towards the same place, I wonder what kind of face you're making right now
I wonder how far along are you?
We both know as much words as the other, the number of words we'd both don't know is also the same
I willfully followed you, so don't mind me and just go See? We are in the same boat
how far are you? I wonder if you've noticed how beautiful the stars are?
If I've noticed, it's thanks to you, because I was always looking upwards
The path suddenly became precipitous, I need to use my hands, I hope I won't injure myself
while I climb here
It's when I stood still that I realized it's so sold it makes me laugh, I should have brought a coat
When we tried to understand each other, we became lost No matter how close or faraway we are, we are both such a nuisance
That's why I followed you, I'm easy to understand, it's a little tiresome, but it's fun
how far are you? I wonder if you've found that small flower shivering
If I'm not scared of the dark, it's thanks to you, because it's the path you walked on too
There is nothing I want to say, there is nothing I want to hear
But there are a few things I want to transmit you
There is no worth at all to the absurd truth
Of me having followed you, but I just wanted you to know that much
I wonder how far along are you? I wonder how far apart we are?
I'll rest while I tie my shoelaces, and I know it's a mere detail, but canteens are convenient
Silence smiled at the night sky I laid down under, and the moon sways as it blurs
My heart is full of something I don't understand, my legs still move even though I'm that tired
I wasn't walking in the same direction as you, I'm walking towards you
how far are you? Existing together is not something natural
We came this far by earnestly deciphering the other's breath
how far are you? If you haven't noticed the song I've unleashed
I'll sing it anytime, it's thanks to you, because you always look for me
And because you always find me
I wonder what kind of face you're making right now, it's a little tiresome, but it's fun
See? We are in the same boat And now, which song should I sing?
I wonder how far along are you? I wonder how far apart we are?
I wonder how much I've caught up to you?
And now, which song should I sing?
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St. Elmo's fire (also St. Elmo's light) is an electrical weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by a coronal discharge originating from a grounded object in an atmospheric electric field (such as those generated by thunderstorms created by a volcanic explosion).

St. Elmo's fire is named after St. Erasmus of Formiae (also called St. Elmo, the Italian name for St. Erasmus), the patron saint of sailors. The phenomenon sometimes appeared on ships at sea during thunderstorms and was regarded by sailors with religious awe for its glowing ball of light, accounting for the name.

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