Skor (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


Oh, she loves - shoes
Oh, she worships - shoes
Oh, she uses - shoes
Yes, I look good in shoes!
Have a pair for each day
Blue and green suits just fine, too
All the colours I can think of
I want a lot more... shoes!
Gaining and losing weight, so desperate
Tried all formulae for weight control
I get a kick when I try on shoes
Because I can always get them in the same size!
Oh, she loves...
With chic shoes in gold, I walk
In a sandal... for toes
With a bunch of straps on top
It sends a shiver through my body!
Prada, Gucci, Armani
Karen Millen, Marc Jacobs
Donna Karan, Manolo Blahnik
Would I exchange my husband for [them]?
On and off, change shoes today
Because I'm... going to go into town
Get a skirt, plus a top
It has to fit my shoes!
Oh, she loves...
I am addicted... I might as well admit it
I can long so much...
Sometimes I just walk back and forth in front of my mirror...
Back and forth, back and forth, where I live...
Oh, she loves...
Bop bi doo...
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