slowthai - ​i tried


​i tried

(Listen, hahahahaha)
(I tried to die) The pain won't die
(I tried to take my life) And you caught me with a smile
(I tried) At the corner of my eye
You're surprised
Ayy, long roads, we tumble down this black hole
Stuck in Sunday league but I'm on levels with Ronaldo
A legend in the making, as a kid, I dreamed of Al Capone
We filled cracks of broken homes with broken dreams and broken bones
If walls could scream, ears would bleed, you've gotta keep 'em clean
Could set it straight but I guess it's just what many need
Hug the world with open arms and they treat me like a pest
All the scores that I possess, you're gonna do me like this?
The charm just napalm, ticking time bomb, got Tourette's (Boom)
Surrounded by pythons, stick a sword right through their neck (Yeah)
You're fucking with templars crusading through the ends
Forbidden fruit tastes the best with no trespass on the fence (Fence)
Crawl before you walk but I've been running from this tool
Fuckery decisions, yeah, the shit that made me this cool
Life got me in a headlock, back and forth like a hockey puck
Always wanted muscles, lack of strength made me headstrong
Watch 'em crumble 'cause they sour like rhubarb
Know my cake and custard inside out like a tube sock
I wish I was manuka in my mind I can't do wrong
Still waiting for the boy I be, I think it's time to move on
Brothers and sisters, pour a tea and try to oolong
Running from my struggles back and forth like the Chuckles
As morbid as it seems, I'll never wake up from this sleep
If Hell's meant for sinning, Heaven's never been for me
I want to know (Brrat, brrat)
Where I should never go
The cut
I've got a sickness
And I'm dealin' with it
It feels like I'm sinking
All of the time
  • rhubarb:

    Its Turkish name is "ravent" and it is a perennial herbaceous plant with fleshy petiole and ornamental leaf surface.

  • oolong:

    It is a traditional Chinese tea.

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wtheurielwtheuriel    So, 06/06/2021 - 19:13

Şarkının orijinal sözlerinde "You're fucking with templars crusading through the ends" olarak geçiyor ama şarkıyı girerken "You're fucking with ten plus crusading through the ends" yazmışsın, yanlışlık var sanırım tekrar bakar mısın lütfen :]

callmevilgcallmevilg    Sa, 19/06/2021 - 19:35

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