Stam (סתם) (Transliteration)

es wurde um Korrekturlesen gebeten


Merov dmaot harea mitarbelet
Merov madbekot kvar lo roim et hadelet
Merov nerot lo roim kama ofel
Merov ptakim lo roim et hakotel
Merov shirim lo shomim et hakol
Merov tshvuot lo otzrim kede lishol
Merov ashemim lo zochrim ma hapesha
Merov asiriot lo roim et hatesha
Stam ze hachol stan
Meticha miseret yashan
Stam ze lo nachon
Anachnu lo ba mizrach ha-tichon
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Will work on the rest later, for now here's the first verse and the chorus

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Stam (סתם)

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