Alkinoos Ioannidis - Stin agora tou Al Halili (Στην αγορά του Αλ Χαλίλι) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

In the souqs of Al Khalili

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The desert wind will sear the Nile's landscape
an ancient fragrance will intoxicate
as you will be in the Tropic of the Cancer
inside you a fair goddess will condensate
Your holy vapour woven oracle be gentle
to answer me when I'll be asking you
to enter as a high priest in your temple
to interpret and be intrepreted too
In the souqs of Al Khalili
should your lips for sale be freely
for two fortunes and some change
then I would pay twofold gladly
any rate I'd double madly
to have a hickey in exchange x2
I'll buy you from Karnak all the treasures
will local artists we'll be talking through
the nights I'll do you favours and give pleasures
so many things that no one ever did for you
I'll be the spring amid the Siwa oasis
and you will be a diamond spangled sky
you shall be queen of Thebes with all graces
me the majestic Pharaoh you'll rely
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Stin agora tou Al Halili (Στην αγορά του Αλ Χαλίλι)