Svennebanan (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


[Verse 1]
Thanks a lot kap kun kap*
Koh pangan koh tao khao lak*
Fuck it in Phuket, pinpong shows
Call the people chingchong-hoes
Threesome in Greece, act like a brat
Hungover, already friday
Mallorca, The Canaries
Mickey Dee's with kids in the ball pits
A true style-icon with silicone
Lives in the city you wanna be from
Domestic violence, solarium tan
Fix some food, what the fuck do we have at home?
Run out of juice and crocs
Kids buried in the TV-sofas
All is in order, box wine on a Friday
Knowledge from Wikipedia
Teenage pregnancy
The anxiety no one knows
Blackout, kids with the sister
Always wants to stay drunk
[Vers 2]
Do the jitterbug, listen to Carola
Manicure, get a perm
Reunion with high school class
Envious of the upper class
And likes the royal family
Throw up from morning-after pills
Gossip and "hänt i veckan"**
The neighbour, moonshine, and Bleckan ***
Net poker, karaoke
You can't only be bored
Finland ferry, bon jovi-covers
Living on a prayer looptroop rockers
Cruiser cars, power meet
Gällivare-hang out, damn so nice
Drunken brawl at McDonalds
Go home and get robbed about once a month
Salary weekend, try to swallow
The pride from a beer bottle
A big strong and hotshot
How long has it gone on
Fuck that, good night and sleep well
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**"Hänt i veckan" is a Swedish gossip magazine

***Bleckan is a bar-area in Stockholm



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