Symphonie (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung


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Just tell me what’s happened around us
Suddenly you seem completely unknown to me
Why don’t I feel good anymore?
When I lie in your arms
Does what happens to us no longer matter?
Where do you want to go, I can hardly see you
Our vanity puts itself in our way
Didn’t we want to risk everything
Have we perhaps betrayed each other?
I believed we really could bear everything
And now it becomes still around us
Because we’re standing here in the rain, having nothing more to give to each other
And it’s better if you go
Because it’s time
To admit that it isn’t working
There’s nothing more to say, because when it only rains
It’s better to give up
And the silence over us thickens
I don’t understand a word out of your mouth
Did we try too hard?
Why couldn’t we foresee it?
It won’t be easy to recognize it all
Somewhere we fell down
And how it is, it doesn’t work anymore
The end was written long ago
And that was ours
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