Te Echo De Menos (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Chayanne (Elmer Figueroa Arce)
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I miss you

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Today I'm thinking
About that everything I lost
Tears of the sky falling
Because you're not near.
I know I don't deserve you,
I know I lied to you,
I know that your trust
Doesn't trust to me,forgive me.
Today I'm drowning in promises
That I never compliance
And to the Compassion I ask
To have compassion to me,
If I was born to love you,
How it could be,
That without your glance I can't see.
(I miss you)
So much that every moment
That you're not with me, it's a challenge.
(Come back to me)
Come back that there's no another embrace
That reliefs me,
That take away the coldness.
(I miss you)
So much it's the pain I feel,
And I feel I explode,
The sky it's my witness.
(I ask loudly)
And for this love I ask you
Another chance.
Today I'm losing everything
What I was living for,
Talking with the pity
And its friend sadness.
That the path of this tale
Doesn't ends like this
Bring it moral(of a fable)and a happy ending.
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