Faun - Tempus Transit (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Time is passing

The icy-cold is passing,
The world is reborn.
Flowery Spring returns,
Things take shape (again),
Birds sing,
Sing jubilantly.
The air is brighter and milder now,
The wood is in leaf and flower now,
The canopy becomes dense.
Beautiful virgins
Play on the grass.
Of the new songs
From their sweet mouths
Declares favour.
The earth is painted with flowers
Pleasant and scented.
The heart is therefore both encircled
and touched by love,
By the loud confused sound of birds and girls.
He spreads his nets,
The lad with the bow, 1
To whom the hall of the gods
offers service;
Whose rule
Is too great to bear,
And by which I am conquered
and wounded.
I fought and was at first reluctant,
But again the lad has me prostrate before Venus.
  • 1. i.e. Cupid
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Rather more literal version of:


French translation here:


[Per hunc triumphatus
Sum et saUciatus

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Tempus Transit

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