the thing is

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„the thing is“ in Songtexten

Nicky Jam - Forgiveness

Nicky Jam

(The thing is that) Me without you
And you without me

Gente de Zona - La Gozadera*


The thing is rather wild, the thing is divine
Peru with Honduras, Chile with Argentina

Cardi B - I Like It

I'm not high, I'm like the Testarossa (Testarossa)
I'm the one that's living life and the one that's enjoying it too
In the thing, mami in the thing (thing, thing)
The one who looks, suffers, and the one that touches enjoys (enjoys, enjoys)


We'll have fun, this night is made for having a good time

The thing is I don't bear the desire to make you mine
The monotony got you tired

Mina - Words

Spoken: Sometimes I don't understand you
Song: The roses and the violins / this evening tell another girl about them,
violins and roses I can feel them / when the thing is okay for me if it's okay for me,
this is the moment / and then we'll see

Natti Natasha - One night lovers

Spend a night with me
I know you don't get scared
But the thing is, here I am ooh
If you want look for me today

Angèle - Victim of the web

Who leaves this place happy?

The thing is that she gives envy so much, and that, that makes me full of hate
When she looks at herself, she wonders: "Anyway me, I'm better than her."

Gente de Zona - The bad one and the good one

And the thing is that the bad one's got you hooked
But the good one got me tied up

La Oreja de Van Gogh - ROSAS

And the thing is I am starting to think
That true love happens only the first time.
And the thing is I am starting to suspect
That the others are only [there] to forget.

Sergio George's Salsa Giants - Under The Storm

to follow and keep the party

The thing is bad, bad
I assure you he who seeks finds

Stupeflip - Stupeflip quick !!!

Sutpe-Stupeflip quick
Stupeflip quick Stupeflip quick
The thing is alive in the minds even if it's burnt in the shops
You locked him up, gagged him, tied him up X2 Oh weee

Gente de Zona - Liar

I'm sorry that I embarrassed her all the time
But the thing is that I do things (ouh)
And then I regret (plo)

Mr. Taki - My Fight is not Over

And I always overcome, always keep going
It's because my fighting spirit is strong
The thing is, everyone's is
I am forever un-crushed

Becky G - The Answer

[Verse 4: Maluma]
Sorry baby if I insist so much
But the thing is that you have a "reward" that drives me crazy, crazy
I left everyone waiting, I'll calm myself, I promise

Sebastián Yatra - Come back

I was seeking for advice frequently, until
I figured out that even the people who love you, can tell you lies
the thing is that everybody gives you just enough advice
so that you would be what they want, but not happy

Zipso - Drawing From The Song

Keila records call me tough, ya had enough,
Still, sum mo style, you heard it like wow, me I just smile
In da meanwhile, the powder is good and the thing is right,
In da mouth

Dear Evan Hansen (OST) - You Will Be Found

But see, see the thing is when I looked up Connor was there
That was the gift he gave me, to show me that I wasn't alone

Tony Tun Tun - You are provoking me

The way you look at me is not the same as before
I don't know why I can see it in your eyes, the thing is...
The thing is that I like you and you like me
And that worries me a bit, it scares even myself

Schnipo Schranke - Piss

I think thats relative.
Your happiness in my lap,
but the thing is to big for you.
I want to convince you

SXTN - The cunts are back

All dogs climb down again
Because the SXTN EP was pretty great
And the thing is going to be big like Shanghai
Real talk from a mannish woman