Ti si lijepa (Englisch Übersetzung)

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You Are Pretty

Close your eyes and wish for something
Love and friend
You can't even imagine
Everything I can do
When I love somebody
You made me sad likea child
Where has all this melancholy come from?
It's normal that you're worried
Because the cracks on the heart
Are getting more painful and painful
You are pretty, young and smart
I love you and I'm happy because of that
You are pretty, young and smart
Give me a smile, I beg you like I beg God
Wherever you get born in
Everything's easier when you love
It's hard for me to explain
It's hard to convince you that
Because you've never tried
Darling, life isn't a threat
But a summer dessert
Enjoy while you can
Don't hide your wishes, no
I belive in you
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Ti si lijepa

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