Time and again

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Time and again (Englisch) — Again and again; repeatedly.

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Time and again — снова и снова, безостановочно.

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Time and again — tekrar,tekrar

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Übersetzungen von "Time and again"

DänischGang på gang
DänischOm og om
Deutschimmer wieder; eins um's andere Mal
Georgischისევ და ისევ - Isev da isev
Griechischξανά και ξανά
Griechischφορά τη φορά
Katalanischuna vegada darrere l'altra
Katalanischuna vegada i una altra
RussischСнова и снова
Schwedischgång på gång/ om och om igen
Spanischuna y otra vez
Türkischdefalarca/ tekrar tekrar

"Time and again" in lyrics

==> It is difficult to understand, but it's like this...

==> I am at your feet time and again.

==> When we dance, I am happy.

Il Divo - Il Divo - Angelina English translation

I had no choice but to hear you
You stated your case time and again
I thought about it

Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet

Some perspective on these words, before I write them down
You're an island and my ship has run aground

Lord knows I'll fail you time and again
But you and me are alright, yeah

OneRepublic - All We Are

Strung out in heaven's high
Hitting an all time low

Time and again I tell myself
I'll stay clean tonight
But the little green wheels are following me

David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes

Today as yesterday, your name listen time and again the silence of this house demands me asks me if soon you
are going to return

And I, as yesterday Waiting for that return again This time without your kisses Is worse than living prisoner
If do not return itself that am going to drive crazy

Conjunto Primavera - Hoy Como Ayer

Call me Mr.Raider call me Mr.Wrong
Call me insance call me Mr.Vain
Call me what ya like
As long as you call me time and again

Fell the prensence of the aura

Culture Beat - Mr. Vain

And when they call your name
And they put your picture in a frame
You know that I’ll be there time and again
'Cause I loved you when

Taylor Swift - Sweeter Than Fiction

I just can't compare you with anything in this world
You're all I need to be with forevermore

Time and again
There are these changes that we cannot end
As sure as the time keeps going on and on

David Archuleta - Forevermore


Time and again
There are these changes that we cannot end
As sure as time keeps going on and on

Ethan P. Scot - FOREVERMORE (Filipino Version)

Otherwise, why do I live on this eternal earth?

And when the sunset will swirl, drifting about the corners,
Let the visions float by me time and again:
Blue buffalo, and white eagle, and golden trout,
Otherwise, why do I live on this unchanging earth?

Bulat Okudzhava - Georgian Song (Grape Seed)

I just ended up across the line but it was worth it because you were with me and released my desire

Because one time and again we completely submit ourselves from the rush and with the calmness

And we woke up lying in bed and the sun surprised us and we like if nothing,i realized that it was Monday but I did it Saint Monday and again to bed

Banda La Trakalosa - Saint Monday

No one here can tell you who is good or bad to make a mistake
So for heavens sake!

Time and again you've kept me out
And twined up your heart and doubt
Let me inside your second skin

OOMPH! - Labyrinth(English)

Since I met you, I think about you all the time
And again and again and again
So I can't sleep at nght , 'cause you're still on my mind
No I can't, no I can't, no I can't

Try so hard just to forget you, try to get you off my mind

Anna Rossinelli - See What You've Done

You know that I have from the start
So build me up (Build me up) buttercup, don't break my heart

"I'll be over at ten" you told me time and again
But you're late, I wait around and then (Bah-dah-dah)
I run to the door, I can't take any more

The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup

Then again, I'm all broken - could we go back to being friends?

I can't help that it's love, it's love
Even though it seems like I've given up time and again

Without even saying "I love you", I hate that it's not just love that's painful

MAY'S - I Didn't Say I LOVE YOU

I was nowhere near ready when all it ended
So I hoped we could find a new day, cannot live without you

You gave me the chance, time and again, in vain
Now my feelings for you, every tear, every smile, paid in full
Break the chain, but no longer can I take the pain

Sonata Arctica - Paid In Full

Mami, gonna repeat it one more time and again and again and again.
Your scent stays on my clothes.
The scent of your skin, like rich honey; that’s what your mouth tastes like.
Mami, gonna repeat it one more time and again and again and again.

Hey, shorty, we can do this again,

Wisin & Yandel - Your Scent

In this land,
Where the journey ends
In a worthless claim
Time and again
In the mining game.

Mark Knopfler - I dug up a diamond

somewhere far away in alone part of city(town)
two lips r tremblin
and place they love carefully,they destroy the time
and again they r fightin
and in which road they r talkin about the same mistakes
they r only spendin words

Lambe Alabakovski - sea of tears

Because I've travelled every highway
And they all keep coming back to you

Time and again I sing your song,
But, I've been runnin' on empty far too long
I've had enough holdin' on to the past,

Whitesnake - Don't Break My Heart Again

Cannot brake, mortal danger
Alert stage red, my system is failing

And time and again the same crap
What's that for?
I'm spinning in a circle

Fräulein Wunder - Every day

you don't say (lit., do) twice what you say once (1)
you prove yourself
you confuse time and again
you dupe us

Fatima Spar und die Freedom Fries - Kibirli Ceviz

And in the garden the illusion blossoms, this I know yet,
let’s see, if waiting is worthwhile.
Time and again a rain comes down
and a half moon* is dangling in the sky.

Element of Crime - It's raining

I've been looking for you a thousand times
How many times have I sworn on you
I've run after you
I've banned you from my brains
And again and again, again and again
I've only been loving you

Herbert Grönemeyer - I've only been loving you

Heart-pounding Flavor

Fooled around, worn out, took a rest
We're repeating them time and again
What were we talkin' about then?

Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (OST) - Thumping Poporon♪

Gold in my veins
She is my pain
And my joy
Time and again
Waxing or waning
I am insane

Marc Almond - Madame De La Luna

Strong is a thing I can't be

Time and again
Time and again
The sun brought me

A-ha - Time and Again

It's me, it's me who drinks to free
The brave side of herself
It's me, it's me who sinks beneath the waves time and again
It's not you, not you who changed or rearranged the chairs before we went down
So just throw in your wreath, swallow your grief and leave

Clooney - Sorry (The Vampire Diarie's promo song)

Or proud parts of larger goals?
Propaganda of the Reich masterful machine

Time and again the battle rages on
Beyond the gates of misery
As casualties rise and millions die around them

Sabaton - Wehrmacht

I told you time and again
But you keep doing the same old things
When I thought you would change
I told you time and again

Here I am

Meiko - Under My Bed

You can tell em like it is
'Cause I'm not here to judge you
All I offer you is this
Time and again
I've been here to fill your dreams
Tonight I'm gonna show you

Agnes Carlsson - Let Me Carry You

Even if we waited
until a hundred thousand,
you would still find me without searching.
Time and again
what is pure and immaculate will be made dirty.
If you check out what you have in me, maybe you’ll go blind...

Katri Ylander - Let’s Lie

I know that I haven't been a saint
I promise you and I swear to you
that I won't go back
to lying to you time and again
nor to causing you more pain

Ana Mena - Now You Cry

I'll see it through
Because it's you

So many times, time and again
I've hit that wall
I promised myself, nobody else

Chris Rea - Because it's you

It seeks to daunt us
I cannot
make the night pass by
when time and again
Black rain cloaks the land / covers the ground

Kilpi - Black rain

If we are to beat unemployment—and we must—we have to do it together. The Government's getting inflation down, interest rates down, reforming trade union law, cutting regulations and removing restrictions. The rest is up to industry, the work force and management in partnership. Because in the end it is private employers who will produce the great majority of jobs.

Mr. President time and again history beats out the same message. Competition is better for the consumer than State control. [applause] We are acting on that conviction. Three and a half years ago defenders of the status quo tried to brand denationalisation as irrelevant. Now the critics are finding it harder to ignore the evidence of their own eyes. They cannot help seeing the new, long-distance coaches speeding down the motor-ways, at very much lower fares. They cannot miss the success of Cable and Wireless or British Aerospace. Britoil will be the next to be denationalised and British Telecommunications after that. [applause] How absurd it will seem in a few years' time that the State ran Pickford's removals and Gleneagles Hotel. [laughter applause]

Mr. President we are only in our first term. But already we have done more to roll back the frontiers of socialism than any previous Conservative Government. [hear, hear lord applause][fo 10]

Margaret Thatcher - Speech to Conservative Party Conference

And thunderstorms will not let hear
Neither your swords, nor our tears, nor any plea for help!

To what misfortune are we doomed time and again?
To what need do we pay the dues when parting with our dears?
Why does this world bestow on us such wishes and such dreams

Elena Kamburova - Farewell

I'm living from your mercy,
In a calendar, day by day,
One after another each crossed.
And again, I will beg for one smile of yours...

Put me a blindfold,

Goca Trzan - Angel Wings

Nobody knows my true self
At all

Time and again, I failed and turned back
And despite that
I keep heading towards where I want to go

Koda Kumi - Walk Of My Life

Don't give up on me,
Even when I fail so miserably.
Time and again I know
I stumble,
It makes me humble.

Amy Grant - Don't give up on me

This is love, when I didn’t mean to hurt you (what to do)
This is love, when our tempers change (unexpectedly)
Hurt time and again but still expectant, you say you don’t believe in this love
This is love, when you throw a tantrum and leave (but don’t want to)
This is love, when those regrets come back (reminiscing those memories)

Lee Donghae - This Is Love

Though I am blessed with an inner strength
Some they would call it a penance
Why am I meant to face this alone
Asking the question time and again
Praying to God won't keep me alive
Inside my head feel the fear start to rise...

Iron Maiden - Sign Of The Cross

Alone I look up winter stars
Stringing them together with a sigh,
Time and again I call out your name, but,
It doesn’t reach you, One-sided love,

Buono! - Unrequited Love

If I loved you
Time and again I would try to say
All I want you to know
If I loved you

Roy Hamilton - If I loved you

Like a shot through the back
Emptying the cartridge
One time and again
Like a hammer on the wall

Amaral - Like a Hammer on the Wall

And I watch upon you with all my heart when you sleep.

You keep looking at me, not losing sight of me,
Time and again so insecurely, but your eyes stay dry
Your heartbeat sounds like music to my ears,
A mother blackbird is singing because you were born.

Glennis Grace - When you sleep

Hold on
You're gonna get through it

Time and again
It's the same old question
Where am I heading with this strange obsession

Olly Murs - Hold On

Glory to our Soviet Latvia,
Brightly in the constellation republics shine on!

Time and again, we will go for the campaign,
Tried to break the chain of lawlessness,
Only in the unshakable friendship with the Russian people

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Anthem of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (unofficial Russian version)

And I don't know what to do to not see you again
Stripping my skin, caressing me
Once, another time and again
'Cause now that you are not here, you are lost in other savannahs
Tear up my eyes in darkness

Natalia y Maka - Naive

Ten thousand lives more

Even if I'll have eighty or one hundred and three (times),
I'll want time and again,
share moments, let grow
An eternal dawn

Jesse & Joy - 10 thousand lives

We lied to each other so much
That in nothing we trust

Time and again
She repeats let's be friends
I smile and say yes

Megadeth - Trust

Up towards the moon and stars,
The sun's dying haze.

Time and again Orion's light
filled our man with joy.
Within the belt he'd see his love

My Dying Bride - The Light At The End Of The World

Too many years, too many chairs
Too many other things, too many men
Time and again I had to test my wings
No time for love, strings or wedding rings

Cher - If I Knew Then

[Gente de Zona]
Come on, I'm going to give you all that pleases you,
let me, I'm going to make love to you time and again.
I want to make you mine, all my life,
all my life, all my life.

Fanny Lu - whatever god wants

A new start, a new beginning
I thought I was through with it
But time and again I feel like something's missing
Is it my mirror that I'm standing in?

Jeroen van der Boom - Believe again

Ooh, I had no choice but to hear you
You stated your case time and again
I thought about it, yeah

Glee Cast - Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet

answer for many dumb questions,
the love like a rose that never withers.

Time and again you think about the past.
At the same time the whole life is your oyster
and every single hour I will be showing you

Julio Iglesias - A rose that never withers

Time and again I've longed for adventure
Something to make my heart beat the faster
What did I long for I never really knew?

Barbra Streisand - All The Things You Are

Before you make up your mind
And give all the love that you've been hiding
Its just a question of when
Told you time and again
I'll get all the love you've been denying

The Grass Roots - Sooner Or Later

And they'll plait into your hair,
You'll get some time in hand, be sure!
And we will get some time in hand to date
Here, time and again,
And we will get some time in hand to come back,
Driving blood into veins.

Septem Voices - Birds' Flocks

You have to see her in robes, her style kills me
I love how she treats me, she is the owner of my money
When we go to the beach, we make a bonfire
She batters me and time and again she finishes me off

What does age matter

Wisin - Accelerated Heart

(verse 3)
In your name
There is mercy without end
Overtaking us now time and again
Let the world see

Hillsong United - In The Mistery

And he came to my place and gave me books about Krishna.
I started looking at the pictures, forgot about the soccer,
He said "Haribol" (a Krishnaite greeting) to Nina, my old girl!
So it means that this song will be heard time and again:
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,

Agent 108 - My neighbor is a Krishnaite

For I have told you time and again
You look at me and for sure I know
And if there ever should come that day
You'll be in my arms if you feel low


Kwan - Unconditional love

You invent a story about you
And about me, about us.
I invent one more time and again
The love for us.

Sounduk - Vydumannaya (Imaginary)

Your tiring stare keeps on laying me down
I breathe but I can't see you nor catch you

I am tired stop stop stop now more
everything step step step I escape
I cry because I can't come back and this might be the end but

Park Jung Min - Not Alone

Keeps getting me down
'Cause we need to
Recognize mistakes
For time and again
So let it be known for what we believe in
I can see no reason for it to fail

Amy Lee - It's a Fire

I've been searching for you a thousand times
How many times have I cursed you
I've been running after you
Have expulsed you from my brain
And again and again
And again and again

Herbert Grönemeyer - I've Just Been Loving You

Cause we need to
Recognize mistakes
For time and again

So let it be known for what we believe in

Portishead - It's A Fire

A sadness runs through him
Through him

Time and again boys are raised to be men
Impatient they start, fearful at the end
But here was a man mourning tomorrow

The Hoosiers - A Sadness Runs Through Him

We could be pyramids

We take a stand
Time and again
Through shifting sands

Ghita - Pyramids

Dreams moving alongside rocks of reality Ready to make trouble The future decides me oh me
No matter how you see me There's no need to categorise My persistence is hard to change

Oh time and again Screaming at highest decibels Breaking the limits Oh time and again Breaking the limits again and again The speed becomes even faster

When you don't believe and haven't even blinked I will once again go infinity and beyond

JJ Lin - Infinity and Beyond

Moon Luuna ...

Everything you want, we met time and again
at night and we will be together
right until morning, you're my

Vanya Chebanov - Luuna

extremely young the sexy dancer type
Who's dumb and hung
But my relationships all fail
Time and again
Cause I'm more than twice as old as my men
They're all spoiled from my money

Bart Baker - Ain't Your Mama

But all of sudden you remember again
There was a superb atmosphere
And it’s there time and again

In Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Maggie Macneal - Amsterdam

Say we never go friends to sweethearts
Learned how to think twice
But we both got jealous
Time and again, 'cause the heart still rule the mind
Now six years later, in an elevator promises turn to lies

Erik Hassle - All Of You All Over Me

A man for a man and a hand for a hand
Trust in the music, strike up the band
The more that we sing, the less that we find
Time and again, this is brood to be right

Build you a statue on St. Stephen's Green

U2 - The Ballad of Ronnie Drew

than giving all that is needed.

If I were God I would only create your image
time and again to see you grow up.
I want you to be my only luggage
and your yawns to be the dawn.

Carlos Chaouen - If I were (I will be II)

If I loved you

If I loved you,
Time and again I would try to say
All I'd want you to know.

Josh Groban - If I Loved You

Roma - Roma - Romulus struck his brother dead
Roma - Roma - city of stone and blood

Rome - conquered and lost time and again
Rome - Hannibal stood before its gates
Rome - emperors, popes, gladiators

Dschinghis Khan - Rome

How could I ever forget you
Did I not spend my best years
Beside (you), my goodly little Mother
Thus I have to return to you time and again
Though the largest chasm should separate us
Oh Vorarlberg, to you i shall be faithful

Austrian State Anthems - Anthem of Vorarlberg

Time and again I've longed for adventure,
Something to make my heart beat the faster.
What did I long for? I never really knew.

Finding your love I've found my adventure,
Touching your hand, my heart beats the faster,

Carly Simon - All the Things You Are

Alone and awake I've looked at the stars
The same that smiled on you
And time and again I thought of the things
That you were thinking too

Doris Day - I Have Dreamed

Right away you get a friend, get things to go well
No one asks where you come from
If they accept you, all else is irrelevant
Same thing happens time and again, it's true

So, Oliver, go ahead

Oliver and Company (OST) - Once Upon a Time in New York City

Longing demands, silence drives me out of the house - that which I see I don't imagine
Life changes its course time and again - life challenges me
To see - where the quick journey goes to - what about the answer? - what about you, then?
I don't want to hear what everyone knows - who drags whom into the abyss

Silber - Ignorance of Masks

"I know your secrets"
I've heard them say
Time and again

Got no pride, got no place

The Slow Readers Club - Secrets

This world is not a very beautiful thing, but
There's no reason to hurry and exit it so soon
The world betrays our trust time and again, but
Sometimes we can meet some happiness that we didn't expect

amazarashi - Our End and Our Beginning

You and me are two drops of same water
The Tears of Cloud
We will crash upon the ground like rhinestones
And fly around and apart
Endless intention of downward
Awarded by glance of sun

Dolphin - Silver

The summer is for singing songs
Lest we are dumb and blind
Yet I am time and again
Summer's favourite child

Astrid Lindgren - We don't care about these crooks

<em>Now, I get asked all the time who my favorite composer is and it's... It's a tough one, I love Bernstein and Puccini, I love Adele, I even love Eminem, I love... I love the Beatles, I love the most Jerome Kern.</em>

Time and again I've longed for adventure
Something to make my heart beat the faster
What did I long for? I never really knew

Kristin Chenoweth - All The Things You Are

Has rendered my heaven barren.
It has prematurely dried beauty.
My feelings and my life.
Time and again I stretched my lean, cupped hands
To accept the gift of the beautiful.
But those hungry ones always came before me.

Kazi Nazrul Islam - Poverty

The years go by
There's always someone new
To try and help me forget about you
Time and again it does me no good
Love never feels the way that it should

Christopher Cross - Never Be the Same

Emotion, the knowledge, the certainty

All my life I've been crossing borders
Transcending time and again
In my dreams I can see the future
A journey of souls to the end

Keldian - Dreamcatcher

Time and again you're trying to stall
But the ending is inevitable
Time and again you're trying to stall
But the ending is inevitable

Happy Camper - A single Life

You watched me make all my mistakes
And you always took me back
Time and again you were my friend
Show me how to be like that
I wanna love you the way you love me

Krystal Meyers - Reflections Of You

Proud - My right to exist
Proud and without shame

What we have here, time and again
Why does everything sound so fake
Why this rage about our welfare

Ultima Thule - Proud

To you, preaching means freedom
To hold long winding debates
But my freedom of speech
You're strangling time and again

Storm in the Night..

Ultima Thule - Storm in the Night

When the walls come crashing in
When the flames come closer then
Just remember time and again
I still ain't over you

Augustana - I Still Ain't Over You

You needed me- I expected it,
trembling from fear-
my door, my life- you will break them again
But here I am, time and again I'm ready to make a mistake
with the killer, with the looter of my soul

Magda - Smoke me whole

On the first ship your ache burns scarlet bright.

I read the catalogue of ships many a time,
To shipyards and to ports I was drawn time and again,
All my love - is a molten metal -
Frozen in salt water, like a glass.

Melnitsa - Catalogue of Ships

And as time passes
The more thing's you'll see
Every day is a fight
And it's felt time and again
So don't be afraid
Burst into song

Pokémon (OST) - Pursue Whatever You Want

I travelled the world over,
But what I kept finding time and again
Were images that had no meaning.
Empty days, cold nights

Anna Vissi - I Came Back