Natassa Theodoridou - Tora Tha Ponas (Τώρα Θα Πονάς) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Now you'll be in pain

It's the first time I regreted for something I have felt
I who knew very well what does love mean
your heart came to stab with a knife
in mine without a "why"
and unfortunately you know that you'll be suffering
and you're always looking for something to tell me
Now you'll be in pain,that you know it's your fault
it's too late now don't tell me sorry
you did many things you filled me with wounds
and now you'll pay it
now you'll be in pain for this breakup
you'll be talking on your own with the selfishness
you'll live in embrance with the loneliness
and you'll regret it
It's the first time I regreted for something I have felt
but I'll do it for a second time if it needs
our breakup tyrannise me it won't kill me
because I have myself and I'm fine
and unfortunately for you, you were a lie
and where will you go without love
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Tora Tha Ponas (Τώρα Θα Πονάς)