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I have many hobbies:
- Music - I learning play piano, I can play on the flute (not transverse flute) and I love rock music (alternative, hard rock alternative). My favourite bands are: Imagine Dragons, Escape the Fate, Three Dahs Grace, Cult to Follow, Nomy and more more more!
- Painting - I love painting. My DeviantArt: Dyfcia001
- Languages - I always learns new languages. I love it! Actually I learn: Dovahzul (dragon language from TES V: Skyrim), Czech, Japan and Germany
- Lucid Dream - dream is amazing thing! I learn controlinh them with LD! Teeth smile
- Wikia - I write articles on wikia. I'm founder of one wikia: Smokeły Wikia, web site about dragons and informations about them. I'm editing on other wikis, too.
- Games - Sometimes I like play games. My favourites are: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Saints Row IV, Alan Wake, The Sims 3/4 and more mobile games (I'm very good in Piano Tiles 2. 40 lvl! :D)
- Books - I love them. I reading fantasy, science fiction and thrillers. I love books with dark secrets and magic!
- Writing - I write stories on Wattpad. I love assassins, so I write about them. I write in Polish, but I'm going to write in English! Teeth smile
- Informatic - I'm going to be a hacker, ha ha. I'm learning JavaScript and other languages.
- Translating - I love languages, so I am here. Translating is relax for me Wink smile And I love helping! Teeth smile

Über mich

Hi there!
Hello! I'm Dyfcia001, but my real name is Margaret. I from small village in Poland. Hm... Ach, yes! My character!

I love be on my own. But I have many friends, and they say, I'm cool person. I like helping, I think I am good person. I gave 100zł from my moneybox to the water for needy people in Africa, and I cut 30cm (12 inches) and gave them to the wigs for childrens with leukemia.

Hm... I don't know, what I should write here. If you will tooking with me, send me a message ;D

Englisch, Polnisch
Tschechisch, Deutsch, Japanisch, Latein
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