Tumane Ya na mane (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Whether You accept or not

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God and man are the same
Just as clothes and cotton are the same
Just as cotton is hidden in clothes
The same way God resides in man
It's you who command, it's you who obey your own commands.
It's you in man Who call him, it's You in man who come to You.
Weather my calling You my God pleases You or not, o my Beloved
I've declared You to be my God.
Or tell me on which other door should I knock
I've declared You to be my God.
I have known You
only after I have died to the thoughts which constituted me as a person
Now I have disappeared and only God is there.
I've declared You to be my God.
I've learnt to live only after I've known You.
My holy place is my heart where You reside.
Nowhere else I'll bow my head
I've declared You to be my God.
Smilingly I'll bear all the odds of life
I'll live by your commands
You have taught me what love is
I've declared You to be my God.
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Bulle shah is very very important for humanity. He knows what truth is. This beautiful song has happened to him. He has given us the secret how he found God. You have to sacrifice your all before you can know Him. He emptied the content of his mind to make space for God. If the mind has no thoughts, it will reflect the reality. By his songs, Bulle Shah plants words in us so that we can be aware of our being. The trick is to bring back our pure presence on which we have loaded all kinds of philosophies and concepts. The mystics say that conceptualization is our greatest disease. We listen through concepts. we talk through concepts, we understand through our concepts.We have to free ourselves of all the concepts which don't let us remain in the moment. To be with truth, we have to die to this constant verbalisaion to which we cling so desperately.
Our pure presence is Love which itself is the lover and the beloved.


Tumane Ya na mane

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