Turn aside

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Meanings of "Turn aside"


يميل-يحيده عن-يجنح-يلتفت جانبا

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„Turn aside“ in Songtexten

Elias Lönnrot - The Kalevala

Hurl the fragments to the heavens;
If the branches cross thy pathway,
Make them turn aside in greeting;
If some mighty hero hail thee,

Yiannis Kotsiras - The cigarette

when you wake tomorrow I'll amend

Turn aside lie on my shoulder
I know now I was misled

Jowell & Randy - Shorty

That broke corner, that broke street

she doesnt turn aside
she focus in her flow

Korol' I Shut - The mischievous skomorokh

He grabbed the bride
And put her in a butt,
Asked everyone to turn aside.

Keith Green - The Promise Song

When you search with all your heart

And if you never turn aside
To the left or to the right

Pineapple Storm - Acoustic Poetry #2: About Us

today they're no longer friends.
She told me to turn right,
I told her to turn aside.
She pointed out some of my failures

Cercamon - Since I see, every day, love

joy and pleasure end,
and the clergy doesn't help me,
I don't know where to turn, aside from comforting myself
as does, when it knows of its death,

Die Prinzen - Afraid, you're leaving

I really don't know, whether you understand it (whether you understand it)
I'm so afraid you're leaving (simply leaving)
Whenever you turn aside (turn aside),
Then I'm afraid you're leaving (afraid you're leaving)

Hillsong Kiev - Alive

You surpass all my words
Only you I will follow all my days
I will never turn aside from Your ways
Gave me your freedom in goodness forever

Walt Whitman - Song Of Myself, VIII

I lift the gauze and look a long time, and silently brush away flies with my hand.

The youngster and the red-faced girl turn aside up the bushy hill,
I peeringly view them from the top.

Van Der Graaf Generator - Mirror Images

Who stands before me can see as well
Can surely tell that he's not yet free
He can turn aside, but can no more ignore me
Than know which one of us is he

Russian Children Songs - Go ahead!

I'll give my life for what I love!

Go ahead! Don't turn aside and don't fall
If you fall - get up!

Tina Arena - Since one has to pray

since that's the price for love.

May history turn aside
and look away.