Karpe Diem - Tusen Tegninger (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Thousand sketches

I am black and white
I am happy and sad
He looked at my passport, threw a glance and it hit me
because i was the bird on the ground, and he was forced to cut off my wings before i could sing
Sing about the prophet and God
These things that usually are taboo,
would you say you pray in secret when you know that your friends would think you were crazy.
Because its crazy to say that God set us free,
I put off telling you that you are looking at a muslim,
until i already made an impression.
Wait until we get to know eachother and Magdi isnt crazy.
You arent afraid becasue its unknown,
you are afraid because you think you know me and im untuned
You have to tune me right
Because im nice still- its not because im a muslim
I am black and white
I am rich and poor
She said she never met a guy that didn't drink.
She asked me if God judged me in black and white
Becuase even the muslims she knew drank a little
But brothers arent anymore the people who believe in the same thing.
I have a brother thats hindu.
And its about accepting that others have a mother that- and maybe a father that- taught them something else about life.
Like that heaven is a goal, and life is casting
Hakke masse svin på skogen men jeg har masse marsvin.
Og et marsvin er hodepine og aspirin.
And if that makes us do good things, what do you think about-
letting me believe in God-
do you know how many who asked me what you asked me?
Wondered why i dont make the choices they make
They said i was gray, because i was out in the night, but i believe in the day of Judgement
Few friends know about my prayer mat
and Baba dont know about the mistakes his son made
So i thank God, but im not his spokesperson
Dont drink, dont take drugs, doesnt take questions when you use the wrong finger
because one word say more than thousand sketchings
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Tusen Tegninger

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