Тёмная ночь (Tyomnaya noch') (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Mark Bernes (Марк Наумович Бернес, Mark Naumovic Bernes)
  • Gastmusiker: Nikita Bogoslovsky (music), Vladimir Agatov (lyrics)
  • Auch performt von: Muslim Magomaev, Riblja Čorba, Dmitriy Hvorostovskiy
  • Lied: Тёмная ночь (Tyomnaya noch') 24 Übersetzungen
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Dark is the night

Dark is the night, only bullets that whistle and death,
Just the wind humming dull in the wires, dimly twinkle the stars.
On this dark night, you, my darling, I know don't sleep,
By the cradle, when no one sees, you're wiping the tears.
Oh, how I love, endless depth of your gentle blue eyes,
Oh, how I want, press my lips to them, right now!
Dark is the night, that divides my beloved you and I,
And this dark and anxious steppe, lies between us my love.
In you I believe, in my dear friend and my wife,
And this believe, saved from bullets me in the dark of the night...
Happy I'm, in this deadliest fight I'm in peace,
I do know, you will meet me with love, no matter what happens.
Death I don't fear, we have met it more than once in the steppe.
Here and now it keeps circling and circling above me.
You're waiting for me, you don't sleep, rocking child in bed,
And that's how I know, with me, nothing ever will happen!
Anatoli Trojanowski
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Anatoli Trojanowski

Тёмная ночь (Tyomnaya noch')