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Ünzile, a human child
Five out of ten siblings are dead
Growing up, yet very small
And the matchmaker comes
Her teeth are like pearls
The matchmaker knows her business
My willow cries and leaves
And becomes a wife
Before reaching eight
Ünzile has become an adult
A child and a woman at the same time
At twelve she's a mother
Like a rose, scarlet and graceful
Like water, limpid and calm
Ünzile is a silent woman
Who's spilling the rain
How many sheep does Ünzile worth?
Disciplined with beatings, she asks nothing
She's scared, won't go behind
The last fence of a village
She believes that this is a margin
Where the world ends
Ünzile, a child of human
Pregnant with unknowns
The burden of her secrets
She had also put inside her belly
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rakiuzo    Mi, 28/03/2012 - 17:10

Hi Simona, let me make a suggestion please.
*Her (Unzile's) teeth are...

baby_girl_    Mi, 28/03/2012 - 18:58

Yes, you're right..I didn't even notice that I wrote "his" instead of "her". Thanks:)