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Liedtext: The Cra Crazy Putin

  • Künstler/in: Unknown Artist (English)

The Cra Crazy Putin

There lives a certain man in Russia, don't you know,
Thinks he's big and strong, in his eyes a crazy glow.
Most people look at him with terror and with fear,
But to Ukrainians, he is someone they'll endure.
He can talk of justice and of freedom,
Full of liberty with fire.
But he also is the kind of creature
the world knows is a liar
Cra crazy Putin,
Lover of Soviet regime,
There is a bat that really is gone.
Cra crazy Putin,
Russia's crazy war machine.
It is a shame how he carries on.
He rules the Russian land, never mind the Duma.
When he wants a piece of land, he will just declare a war.
In all affairs of state he is the man to please.
If you think otherwise, you'll be jailed or disappear.
He pretends that he is no invader,
Though we've seen the things he's done.
Bideon only said he was a killer,
But he's just llike Genghis Khan.
Cra crazy Putin,
Wants to take out Zelenskyy,
But he can't beat the hero with brawn.
Cra crazy Putin,
Wants to have a blast in Kyiv,
It is a shame how he carries on.
[But when he's invading and bombing, and his hunger for power became known to more and more people, the demands to do something about this outrageous man became louder and louder.]
"This man's just got to go", declared UNSC.
But what's the fucking point when he vetoes things with ease?
No doubt, this mad Putin has lots of nuclear wow,
He's a brute, he's a brute, we have got to stop him now.
Then it dawned on men of Western standing -
Just the sanctions won't work.
Back down, back down, they kept on demanding,
Or we'll seize some oligarch's yacht
Cra crazy Putin,
Lover of Soviet regime,
He's gonna start the Third World War.
Cra crazy Putin,
Russia's crazy war machine,
The world's uniting like never you saw.
Cra crazy Putin,
Gonna meet his fate like Rasputin,
If he won't quit they'll want his head.
Cra crazy Putin,
Russia's crazy war machine,
Even the Russians don't want it, DICKHEAD!
[Oh, we Russians!]
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