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I'm not going to buy some drink for 100 SEK
I could by a bucket for 100 SEK
(I) daydream away from the winter and cold
to barbeques and ping pong pussy
I want to have fun in the sun
Why do you keep up with your pretentions
clap clap clap with my flip flop sandals
to to to the beat of my tax-free bag
So just pretend together, applause
that the pilot just landed
so we can pretend together
hey, pretend that you're abroad
It's the same sky we're watching
can you see that it's just as blue?
pretend that you're abroad
abroad, abroad
Into the mist and out on town
Can you see that it's the same?
pretend that you're abroad
abroad, abroad
Swedish girl, I feel something in my pants
not the same course but it's the same red-bull drinks
so we should pretend that we were in Crete
Look, I could have passed for a Greek guy right?
The Baltic sea can be the Mediterranean
And your tan doesn't have to be from the tanning salon
pretend that I'll never keep in touch again
I mean, root for the home team for fuck's sake
Our number one export
because the forest and iron are far from this pretty
you have so much, share for fuck's sake
Baby, pretend that you're abroad
terrible when you think about how everything changes
they always manage to mess this country up
holding back tears thinking about the past
Bråkmakargatan Lönneberga Bullerbyn*
There were no foreigners there
love the country when it was as in Astrid Lindgren's tales
so you can dream away to another time
It's shameful how fucked up this country has become
It looks bad here
have to pretend that their skin color is a bronzer
you can pretend, which is fucking lucky
Jimmie, pretend that you're abroad**


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