On va tous mourir (Englisch Übersetzung)

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On va tous mourir

N'oubliez jamais que quand on meurt
On se pisse dessus
Quand on sait ça, nos petits malheurs
Nous semblent un peu superflus
Les kilos en trop
La mer à boire
La faim dans le monde
Et la syphilis
Tout ça paraît un peu dérisoire
Quand on s'imagine pourrissant dans sa pisse
À toutes les filles qui pleurent pour un bouton
Pour de l'herpès génital, ou pour un garçon
À tous les mecs qui frappent pour un oui pour un non
Pour une place de parking, pour une fellation
À tous les gens qui pensent que leurs problèmes
Y a rien de pire
Je leur chante un peu faux mais quand même
On va tous mourir
Buvons, fumons, mangeons des OGM
Quoiqu'on fasse, on aura toujours des problèmes
Essayons juste de vivre nos vies
D'toute façon, on finira tous noyés... dans nos pipis
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We're All Gonna Die

Don't ever forget that when we die
We pee in our pants
Just knowing this, our little worries
Seem like trinkets*
Sea to drink**
Hunger in the world
And syphilis
All of these things seem derisory
When we see ourselves decaying in our own piss
To all those girls who cry about a spot
About a genital herpes, or about a boy
To all those guys who fight about whatever reason
About a parking space, about a fellatio
To all those people who think their problems
Are the worst in the world
My voice must sound irksome to their ears, but still
We're all gonna die
Let's not worry about drinking alcohol, smoking, eating GMO
Whatever we do, we'll always get into troubles
Let's just live our lives the best we can
Anyways, everyone of us will end up floating... on our pee
*I seriously thought about writing "trifles" but "trinket" hasn't really a specified origin whereas "trifle" is british... not that I hate British !!! XD But I want my translation to be understood by as many people as possible... and you surely know that, eeerm, America is a bit larger than the United Kingdom and double-eeerm, american language and culture are more popular than british ones :3 hope you'll excuse me * gives English a chocolate bar *
**It comes from the french expression : "ce n'est pas la mer a boire" which means "it's not a big deal".
What do you do with a Kyman shipper ? ^0^♪
Von RoseturquoiseRoseturquoise am Di, 09/12/2014 - 21:31 eingetragen
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This song makes me feel like drinking a warm cup of coffee, don't ask why Teeth smile

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