Vazgeçtim Dünyadan (Englisch Übersetzung)

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I Gave Up On World

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Where are the words? Where is my heart?
I loved too, oh, but he didn't
Let's set out to the eternity
Take me away from the world, I'm no more loved.
The hearts cannot be bought with money
Who ever defeated the fate with praying?
Before wearing a wedding dress, seeing the light
Before having my baby, I gave up on world
Before I could defeat the fate, I am ashamed of myself
Before I was even loved, I gave up on world.
From whence have I come, where am I going to?
Maybe the fate will tell me,oh, if i ask
Nobody loves me passionately
Even the graves are crossed with the ones who dies womanly
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Vazgeçtim Dünyadan

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