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Sarah, we once feltered
As you froze that
Morning omen
And you told them
And you warned them
That the sky turned red
Above them
Sarah it's said, same rain
Doesn't fall down twice
Days, gone by
Come back as the morning light
A colourless demise rises
And the only shelter I used to know
Is gone lost out of sight
(repeat refrain)
Sarah of the wonders
Of the wonders
Made of wonders
You came from the atrium of the heart
Bringing the keys to the sun
Tomorrow we will make love
And nothing will ever change
Of this remained the noise
Of a dream like in the sea
It breaks on black cliffs
Of a black that can erase
It is said that the dream of man
It is making your own tomorrow
Let it not go down
But tell me how it is without loving?
But dreams are children of the heart
Created as pain
Stripped of their reason
For this sent to die
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