Viaggio con te (Englisch Übersetzung)

  • Künstler/in: Laura Pausini
  • Lied: Viaggio con te 9 Übersetzungen
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A Travel With You

You woke us up with a kiss and then
You went to bed while we
Ran to that school
You told us about “it learns to live”,
But the life you have learned us
Every time is a bit more
With those eyes in love
Of two crazy daughters like we.
I would not give it because the time
Never makes us old.
I have learned to sing together with you
In summer evenings in cafés.
I have learned my courage
And I have divided the way and joy,
Your power, your sadness,
Every moment, every mirage.
You were never on holidays.
Mum opened presents together with us.
The work took you away.
Your loneliness was mine,
What I would do to return to you the lost now time.
I have learned to love like you
Completely risking with this life.
I have learned your courage,
And I have understood a timid madness
of your existence because
You are the aim of my travel for me
And like this,
More and more
I am like you
In your smiles
And in the tears.
I have learned your courage
And I have learned love and believe
Completely risking with this life,
And I have divided this travel with you,
With you,
Me with you,
I have learned my courage...
I wake up again in this my house,
I think about when you went away,
And even now what I would do
to return to us the lost now time.
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Viaggio con te