Vintersorg - The Explorer

  • KünstlerIn: Vintersorg
  • Album: Visions from the Spiral Generator (track 07)

The Explorer

Born in the auroral arc's centre
With eyes reflecting its sublime ways
A splendid vision to enter,
Robed in the semblance of beams in haze
It enlights his eternal questioning
Of worlds in space afar
As the curtain of the known is vanishing
Under the portrait of a star
He sees a paradise in every flower
A solar system in every spark
He's trying to reach a subliminal power
And slowly sinks into the dark
Scenic radiance hides its embers
In the function of rising a tide
But mountain summits still remembers
Where it use to ride
His heart, the thunders imitation
His breath, the gentle winds vocation
In a pensive spirit unsealing the bodily cocoon
As his mind swallows the moon
Like a mental Columbus in ecstacy,
Controlling his spiritual cave
But just a microscopical cell in the galaxy
So, he's both master and slave
A burning comet which tries to pass
Through the universal door
Where ashrams lurks in the hourglass
Deep within the cosmic core
[Lead: Mattias]
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These are the official lyrics, taken from the booklet.

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