Vintersorg - A Metaphysical Drama

  • KünstlerIn: Vintersorg
  • Album: Visions from the Spiral Generator (track 03)

A Metaphysical Drama

Revealed are the legends coronal
In a fiery illusion
An esoteric festival
The logical is trapped in confusion
Unmasked are theorems of invocation
Consigned to the thirsty soul
Parallel dimension's fragmentation
With a stronghold in a black hole
Where phantoms channel the connection
In a metaphysical drama
Like Maxwell's demon if taught to perfection
My eyes, the soul's panorama
At childhood I felt a concealed motion
(Wisdom through the mother's milk)
Waves in the interstellar ocean,
Shapes under veils of silk
Still they let me feel their presence
The archetype around me, inside me
In every atom and second their essence
As well as in the vibration frequency of the open sea
Rainbows in colours never seen
In symbioses with Nordic light that flashes in green
[Lead: Mattias]
In rapids of blood glorious
And in the reckless fire victorious
I can trace their mark
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These are the official lyrics, taken from the booklet.

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