Vintersorg - A Star-Guarded Coronation

  • KünstlerIn: Vintersorg
  • Album: Visions from the Spiral Generator (track 08)

A Star-Guarded Coronation

The noctilucent cloud's extensibility
Engorges my ocular ardour
Hiding in the auroral breakup's visibility
Its genie I once saw
Growing in the binocular's prism,
Systematic in the substorm's fractions
With a trapping boundary like magnetism
A lodestar in flaming actions
Awake! All you constellations
To space's serene sonata
Forget the daily tribulations
And join the nebular multicoloured strata
I crown you kings of the hemispheres
Burn wild, like an untamed lion
The stellar eruption throws out like spears
From the offspring carnival within Orion
A star-guarded coronation
The nightsky's index expands its zones
A star-guarded coronation
The genteel highness Sirius blares
A star-guarded coronation
Over the crossword's profound and royal thrones
A star-guarded coronation
When the constellation breeds from newborn flares
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