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VIP on a trip

Federico, can you look on Wikipedia if under "very cool rapper" you can find a picture of my face? Oh, there isn't? Which picture is there?
Fabri Fibra is handsome, like the saying:
"Control is better than fuck",
who said that?
I know, it was... (forget it).
"What are you doing here?" - He says: "I was staying nearby by chance.
Sure, you're staying nearby to my concert.
I won't be taken in this time, like who...
like who vote for Lega?*
This is not a funk-idealistic disc.
The story is acid, when you listen to it, you say "Ooooh!".
Miserable like Lucio Dalla,
slow local train and far away from Sinigallia.
I was looking for the leaving,
and now I'm looking for the coming back.
I open the gate, but the door is different.
And there is another name on the doorbell.
The more you want, the less you'll get.
The more you give, the less you'll take.
Before you learn it,
then "Pa pa para para pa pa para".
The more you dream, the less you do.
Before you learn it,
then "Pa pa para para pa pa para".
italian reppers who say
"Perepè qua qua qua perepè"**
Italian politicians who say
"Perepè qua qua qua perepè"
The more you want, the less you'll get.
The more you give, the less you'll take.
Before you learn it,
then "Pa pa para para pa pa para".
Laura Chiatti*** wanted to beat me.
But I had to work, work, work.
And again work, work, work...
Well, in any case I have her number,
sometimes I text her:
"Hi, how are you"?
She answers me: "I'll see you later, do you want to fuck?"
It's strange.
In the past I was always looked for her,
but I still wasn't enough famous.
Who is too much famous don't goes with who is not famous.
Later it was the turn of the guy on the throne****
and I've never seen her again.
But now she calls me, she looks for me, she loves me.
If I wanted to fuck her, I could.
But that's so sad, rag doll.
You ask me "Why don't you fuck with her?"
Because I'm afraid I'll contract AIDS.
I've a friends who calls himself.
He sends himselfs SMS with: "My dear",
he looks himself in the mirror saying: "I love you".
I'd like to tell him: "Find yourself a job!"
Man, find a job!
Man, find a girlfriend!
My mom always said that to me.
Even Marrazzo's mother***** said that her son.
Who know what lies beneath this story.
Who know who lies beneath this story.
A lot of verses, catastrophic rhymes.
The opposite, the apostrophe, the apostle, all right (he?)
I wipe his ass wit your conventional
songtexts, like Bossi******
Which singer-songwriter? Fuck off in slow motion.
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Kommentare des Autors:

*Lega: italian party who wants the secession between the North and the South of the country.

** Perepè qua qua, qua qua perepè is the sound/noise of people who speak too much, concluding very little.

*** Laura Chiatti: italian actress

****Tronista comes from a TV show, where a man who is looking for his soulmate sits on a "throne" and evaluates possible candidates.

***** Marrazzo is an italian politician involved in a sex story with transsexuals

******Bossi is the leader of the Lega Party, and he said that he would like to use the Italian flag like toilet paper: to wipe his ass.


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