Virginie... roman d'amour (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

Virginie... Romance Novel

Virginie... Romance novel
Lovely Virginie
In this island where you were brought to life,
Paul was born as well.
From meetings, to dating
You have grown up,
In the garden with the crazy trees
Where the Bird of Paradise sings.
Oh, I would love one day for a boy to look at me
Like in those times that boy looked at you,
To be loved as he loved you in every page
Of this forgotten book.
Virginie... Romance novel
Lovely Virginie
In the clear water where Paul searched for your eyes,
You searched for his also.
Sea breezes and flowers in the wind
perfumed the night,
And love knew only two children.
It was you and Paul before life itself.
I've read only the beginning of your story,
They tell me this beautiful book ends sadly.
But your names leave in my memory
Nothing but a radiant smile.
Virginie... Romance novel
Lovely Virginie
In this island where you will always live,
Paul will live forever too.
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Kommentare des Autors:

Perhaps not entirely accurate, and I haven't read the book, Paul et Virginie yet.

If I've missed the mark, or improvements can be made, let me know and I'll make changes accordingly.
Cheers, Craig :-)


Virginie... roman d'amour

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