واحدة بتحبك (Wahdah Bethebak) (Englisch Übersetzung)


واحدة بتحبك

في وحده بتحبك اوي من كام سنة قدام عنيك
وانت بتسال هي فين؟
في وحده بتحبك وليه ما انتش هنا
ولو اسالك عنها تقولي هي مين؟
يا ريت تحس ان اللي بتحبك انا
يا اللي انت مش دريان بيا
شوف انت ترضا بايه ليا
لو مت فيا تعيشني
لو سبتني تموت فيا
من عمري جمبك قد ايه وقتي اتسرق وبعيش على امل ان بكرة هعيشه بيك
مستسلمة ومع نفسي بشكي على الورق منك ساعات وساعات كتيرة بشكي ليك
ده لو انت ايه يا حبيبي كان قلبك نطق
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Someone Who Loves You

There's someone who really loves you, for years she's been right in front of you
And you ask: where is she?
There's someone who loves you, why aren't you here?
If I ask you about her you say: who is she?
If only you'd feel that I am the one who loves you
You who aren't aware of me
Decide what you'd accept for me
If you love me to death you will revive me
If you leave me you will kill me
So much of my life beside you has been spent1 living in the hope that I'll live tomorrow with you
I surrendered, spending hours lonesomely writing complaints about you, sometimes complaining to you
If you were anyone else, my love, your heart would have spoken
  • 1. lit. my time was stolen
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