Walking on air

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Walking on air (Englisch) — To be very happy; blissful

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Übersetzungen von "Walking on air"

EnglischMy feet never touched the ground
EnglischDancing on air
FranzösischÊtre aux anges
Japanisch天にも昇る気持ち Ten'nimo Nobo-ru Kimochi
Japanisch天にも昇る心地 Ten'nimo Nobo-ru Kokochi

"Walking on air" in lyrics

When you are near, I get kind of shy
I feel like a child should I laugh, should I cry?
Don't ask me for answers, they're not always there
And do other girls feel they're walking on air?

It's just I know, that you are real

Violetta (OST) - I Love You [Te Creo]

Higher, flying higher
Feels like I'm walking on air
Feels like I'm flying
Feels like I'm walking on air
Feels like I'm flying

Anise K. - Walking On Air

I feel like...
I am walking on air...

I am walking on air...

Kerli - Walking On Air

That I am never letting you go
When it's right it's right
And this is it
'Cause I'm walking on air
Every single time that we kiss
You make the angels sing

Selena Gomez - I Promise You

Tonight, tonight, tonight, I'm walking on air
Tonight, tonight, tonight, I'm walking on air

I'm walking on air

Katy Perry - Walking On Air

Only a fool
Only a fool
Could walk away
I'm walking on air
And every cloud
Is Cloud 9

Jamiroquai - Cloud 9

Halfway to heaven from here
Sunlight unfolds in my hair

Ooooh - I'm walking on air
Ooooh - to heaven from here
Ooooh ...

Björk - New World

Your sayings and doings didn't suit each other at all
It should be asked you now "who won"

Where are the days I came to you by walking on air for the sake of one of your words
They doesn't matter now
A little bit innocent, with full of passion like ivies,

Emre Kaya - Dust

I feel like a feather in the breeze
Riding on high, high in the sky
Honey and I walking on air
Since the moment that she told me she cared

Dean Martin - I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze

Just the thought of you is making me glow
I got the fact that you get it good
Now back up and just leave it alone
I'm walking on air cuz your crunk
Now I'm going home to do it all again on my own

Katy Perry - Damn

People like you find it easy,
Naked to see,
Walking on air.
Hunting by the rivers,
Through the streets,

Joy Division - Atmosphere

Oh pretty woman, this could be a problem
Dangdidandang (x4)

Get on and talk that talk, a-a am walking on air, aoh
I don’t need a single dollar, to feel like millionaire, aoh
I’m just soaking up the sunshine, sending out the bright times

Robin Stjernberg - Body Language

He desired to rest his head against the jasmine lady's chest
Holding hands they disappeared somewhere in the distance
The black little angel was walking on air
He won the fight of his life, a monument was set up for him

Yugoton - While the city sleeps






Hera Björk - Natural High

And I waited on you
With the patience of a saint
So don't think I'm walking on air
When I'm walking away

IM5 - Superman

This is my nightmare!
This is my nightmare!

Floating, walking on air
I turn my head for just a moment
And you're gone again

Get Scared - My Nightmare

Forget about the way you fell into his eyes
Forget about his charms
Forget about the way he held you in his arms
Walking on air's obnoxious
The thrill
The chill

Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar (OST) - Forget About Love

The roses of someone are blooming, are blooming
Someone's bells are ringing, someone's bells, skirts<fn>"Etekleri zil çalmak" is actually an idiom, meaning "to be overjoyed (about something), walking on air"
She means "Someone looks happy, someone is walking on air./is enjoying.(because of the happiness)"</fn>

The same refrain, always the same the same

Nazan Öncel - The Same Refrain

You fill my empty space, you take that coldness away from me

I feel complete with you
I'm walking on air

I fly over the sea, there's no one that could stop me

Marcos Menchaca - More and More

And on that spot they're gonna build a shop
Where we can go buy bolts and screws"

Since then I've been walking on air (air)
I can barely brush my teeth or comb my hair
'Cause I'm so excited and I really don't care

Weird Al Yankovic - Hardware Store

Pull you by the belt, recognize that you're mine tonight

[Chorus 2]
I'm walking on air, kickin' my blues
Everything stops, ah, when I'm wearing
When I'm wearing, baby, nothing but your boots

Ke$ha - Boots

But I'll give you Panavision pictures
'Cause you give me Technicolor dreams

Up there, walking on air
I'd like to show you how
I loved you way back then

Bee Gees - Technicolor Dreams

After all that it's the least of your worries
Because the five of us gather here it's a success!
Are you walking on air? Are you feeling nervous?
It's the best scene where we'd belong
When you're worried about something, just let us know

Ojamajo Doremi (OST) - Ojamajo de BANBAN

and I, I need to know
I need to know

I'm walking on air
close to you
close to you

Thriving Ivory - Long Hallway With A Broken Light

I should be walking on air
But I'm drowning with my
Hands around your neck
Current is strong
Should I take you with me
Breath forever gone

Skunk Anansie - Diving Down

Joyful you smile
I feel it, you're here
Oh, what a joy
I'm walking on air

Time passes by

Christine Guldbrandsen - Invisible Friend

What will I be tomorrow? I do not know.
It must be very strange
To pass through the world freely
My heart should be walking on air [fn value="1"] literally 'with the angels'[/fn]
Oh, but what's happening in me?
Often I dreamed of adventure,

The Sound of Music (OST) - I have confidence in myself

Even though she's next to me
There's only one for me
'Cuz you're my love my light
It's like I'm walking on air
Feeling like a new millionaire
The one girl for me

Yamashita Tomohisa - One Girl

Time to close the day
Time to lock the door
time to greet the street
I'm so happy I'm walking on air
People staring but I don't care
Taxi, call a taxi, yellow taxi, taxi taxi

10cc - Taxi! Taxi!

I can exhale

[Verse 2:]
So I feel like I'm walking on air
I'm who I want to be
Took awhile now that I'm there I couldn't feel more free

Elle Vee - Exhale

So clear, so obvious
We'll be together like time standing still
My head is sparkling, and your eyes are asking
I'm walking on air, but I don't know if I dare

We don't dance for the fun of it, and my head and heart are spinning

Daniel Kvammen - We don't dance for the fun of it