Bushido - Wenn Ich Groß Bin (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

When I Grow Up (lit: When I'm Big)

I look through the keyhole and see Papa shouting,
and Mama sits at the table crying, just like every night.
She wants to go, he says to stay
He grabs her neck, she collapses in front of him,
but the matter leaves her cold. Every day the same nightmare.
Broken plates crashing,
Nevertheless Mama gave me a kiss on the forehead every night,
She said everything would be good and don't worry,
Look, we're packing, the two of us, I'm getting a job.
We're moving very far away. Away from all the stress.
Papa won't find us anymore, I promise you now.
She dried my tears, she smiled, but inside she knew,
that the black clouds never pass.
I sit in the nursery,
every day it always got worse,
and the scars run deep, they stay forever.
Mama, believe me, when I'm big, everything will be different,
Then everything will be gold when I touch it.
The time will come again, when you'll have something to laugh at,
you'll see, when I grow up, I'll do that.
I'll give you courage, when you've lost it.
I promise, when I grow up, I'll do that.
Every night Mama washed the dirt from her hands,
She worked hard, to stretch the money.
Until the bill collector comes,
either a check or repossesion,
but he sees that my sister grows inside her.
It's so unfair, she can't keep the old apartment.
I don't like the new one, because it's so cold at night without coal.
I hear her crying nextdoor, if I'm still awake in bed,
Then the three of us are alone, now where Papa is away.
Barely making ends meet right now,
Doesn't matter what's coming, doesn't matter how high she waves the flag.
I'd been mischievious,
Maybe it was our mischief that made things easier, but there was no dinner,
The months just went on, the coal ran out,
At the same time, she had needed to fight off illness.
We have now lived in this apartment too long,
Now I'm grown and I'm taking us out of here.
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Wenn Ich Groß Bin