一花依世界 (yī huā yī shì jiè) (Englisch Übersetzung)


飞红遮艳阳 着一身新裳藏半个香囊
轻舟谁在掌 缓些晃涟漪片片怎让梳妆
花桥随波漾 那芬芳慢慢酝酿
载几缕思量 身旁花开满堂盛放水中央
微风吻荷塘 竹篙一点点把时间拉长
待笑靥绽放 就好像胭脂红了脸颊的妆
捧水一把 映着那白云流霞
像是踏入了未来的童话 回转着的陌生影象
好奇的想法从未停下 谁来回答 哎呀哎呀
人来又人往 透过落地窗瞧一眼繁忙
东张又西望 路中央高厦楼房好似盛唐
午后点心坊 蟹壳黄阵阵酥香
绕过陆家滨 松江穿过城隍飘进了心房
像是踏入了未来的童话 左顾右盼眼底风光
好奇的想法从未停下 谁来回答 罢啦罢啦
抬头仰望夜空多安详 未来过往同是一轮月光
华灯初上多想时间停下 给我一生最珍贵的魔法
或许不安也有过失望 面对未知总会有彷徨
如果希望是漫天星光 捉个迷藏世界到处流浪
烟花绽放多想时间停下 定格这一生最珍贵的刹那
如果希望是漫天星光 许个愿望世界充满想像
有太多话藏在心里萌芽 未来想和你们一起长大
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A Flower by the World

A blush covers the bright sun; this new dress half-covers my sachet1
Who’s steering this canoe? Can you stop making ripples for now, how can I put on my makeup?
The flower bridge follows the residual waves, that fragrance that slowly brews
Conveying a few threads of thought, the flowers beside me in full bloom in the middle of the water
A light breeze kisses the lotus pond, the bamboo paddle slightly stretching this moment
Awaiting for a smile to bloom, it seems the makeup on my cheeks have reddened
Holding a handful of water, reflecting the white and colorful clouds
In a daze, appreciating my bun-tied hair
Forgetting my mother’s words, I release the magic
Like a fairytale of stepping into the future, a strange scene revolves around me
My curious thoughts never stop, who will come to answer, ai ya ai ya
People come and go through tall windows, at a glance seeming busy
The high rise buildings on the road look like the prosperous Tang Dynasty
In the afternoon, in the dim sum district, Xiaoma cake bursts with crispy flavor
Passing Lujiabin2, the Song river3 passes through the god of the city, floating into its heart
Like a fairytale of stepping into the future, glancing left and right, scenery fills my eyes
My curious thoughts never stop, who will come to answer, ba la ba la
Looking at the night sky, it’s so peaceful. Past and future under the same bright moon
When the lamps are lit, how I want time to stop, giving me the most precious magic of my life
Perhaps there’ll be unrest and disappointment. When facing the unknown there will always be hesitation
If you’re afraid and stop then you can’t call that growth
If hope is a sky full of stars, then catch a hiding world and wander everywhere
When the fireworks bloom how I want time to stop, freeze the most precious moment of my life
If hope is a sky full of stars, make a wish that the world be full of imagination
Too many words hidden in my heart, sprouting, I want to grow up with you in this future
  • 1. A small perfumed bag used to scent clothes.
  • 2. A major road in Shanghai
  • 3. Old name for the Wusong River that passes through Shanghai
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FYI the lyrics are different than the japanese version.

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