Ishtar - Ya habibi ya ghaibine (Englisch Übersetzung)


Ya habibi ya ghaibine

Ya habibi ya ghaybine
Ya habibi ya ghaybine
Oua hachini ya ghabin
Lo oua ghamat, ouoafatah
Oua laykoum gayn,gayn
Ya habibi mi youm ma baidna
Ouala che dounia bies edna
Oula warda bitzawa betna
Ouala chamaa betnaward edna
Ya habibi ayami fidakoum
Yensani l farhina wan sakoum
Ye… ya habibi gain, gain
Oua laykoum gain, gain
Mirad mirad amigos mios
Abrid el Corazon
A nuestro pasado
Dimi dime si el recuerdo
A qe la vida moral corazon
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Englisch Übersetzung

My Absent Sweet Hearts

My absent sweet hearts
My absent sweet hearts
I miss you absentees
I wish I close my eyes and open them
and then find you coming , coming
My sweet hearts , since the day that you went away
there is nothing in this life can make us happy
there aren't any flowers decorate our house
there aren't any candles light our feast
my sweet hearts , my days are redemption to you
I wish my happiness forgets me with you
my ... My sweet hearts
coming , coming
and I find you coming
Von Wis-sy am Fr, 22/01/2010 - 18:48 eingetragen
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I think this is the best translate of this song
wish you good time

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