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ياحياة قلبى (Ya Hayat Albi) (Englisch Übersetzung)

ياحياة قلبى

عايزني اقولك
اني دايبه من زمان في هواك
باين عليه شوقي ليك
وانت مش داري
طب مش هقولك
ان روحي يا حبيبي معاك
قرب شويه من عينيه
تحس بناري
يا حياة قلبي وكل مناه
معاك عمري ما قلت الآه
ولا ليله هواك بنساه
انا كلي كده ملك هواك
عيني تشوفك
قلبي يرقص من الغرام حواليك
تيجي عينيك في عينيه
تلاقيني مكسوفه
من يوم لقانا وليل نهار
وأنا بفكر فيك
من يوم ما شفتك يا حبيبي
وعليك ملهوفه
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Oh, Life of My Heart

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Do you want me to tell you
That I melted years ago from your love?
My longing for you is written all over me
And you're unaware.
Fine, I won't tell you
That my soul is with you, my love.
Come a little closer to my eyes
You'll feel my passion.1
Oh, life of my heart and all I desire
With you, I never once complained2
And not one night did I forget your love
Like this, I belong entirely to your love.
My eyes see you
My heart dances around you from love
My eyes meet yours
You find me blushing.
From the day we met, night and day
I think of you
From the day I saw you, my love
I'm crazy for you.
  • 1. literally 'my fire'
  • 2. literally 'never in my life said 'oh''
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'Hayat albi'/'life of my heart' is a relatively common endearment.

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