Zbog tebe Ahmede Muhammede (Ti si ruža Džennetska) (Englisch Übersetzung)


Zbog tebe Ahmede Muhammede (Ti si ruža Džennetska)

Ti si ruža Dženetska
Najljepšega mirisa,
Ti si čežnja mu'minska,
Uzdah aška iz prsa.
Refren (2x):
Zbog tebe, zbog tebe,
Ahmede Muhammede,
Moja duša tuguje,
Da te grli sanjuje.
Ti si milost nam, i dar,
Žarko sunce Islama,
Da sam, Bog da', bio bar,
Prah pod tvojim nogama.
Refren (2x).
Ah što nisam lahor blag,
Nad Medinom razdragan,
Da milujem Revde prag,
Dok ne klonem kaharan.
Refren (2x).
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Englisch Übersetzung

Because of you, Ahmad Muhammad (You are a Heavenly Rose)

You are a rose of Jannah1,
With the most beautiful scent.
You are the longing of a Mu'min2,
A sigh of Ishq3 from the chest.
Chorus (2x):
Because of you, because of you,
Ahmad Muhammad*,
My soul is full of sorrow,
It dreams of hugging you...
You are our Mercy, and a gift,
The bright sun of Islam,
If, God willingly, at least,
I were the dust under your feet...
Chorus (2x).
Ah, why were I not a mild breeze,
Mirthful, over the Medina...
To caress the Rawdah4 threshold,
Until I languish from Quhir5.
Chorus (2x).
  • 1. "Jannah" [arab. جنّة‎] = "Paradise" / "Heaven". (read more)
  • 2. "Mu'min" [arab. مؤمن‎] = "believer", "faithful/religious person". (read more)
  • 3. "Ishq" [arab. عشق‎] = "love" or "passion". (read more)
  • 4. "Rawdah" [arab. روضـة‎] = lit. "garden"; the name of the shrine of the prophet Muhammad [s.a.w.s.]. (read more)
  • 5. "Quhir" [arab. قُهِر] = "to be defeated/overcome" or "to fall from tiredness and exhaustion". From "Qahr" [قهر] = "coercion/compulsion/constraint/force/forcing. (read more)
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