Artisti uniti per l'Abruzzo - Domani 21/04.2009 ( Αγγλικά μετάφραση)

Αγγλικά μετάφραση

Domani 21 aprile

Between the clouds and the stones the dreams of everyone pass
the sun passes every day without ever being late
Where will I be tomorrow?
Where will I be?
Between the clouds and the sea there is a coaching inn
a tear of a star put there to comfort
on the infinite path
of the northwest wind
Day by day (Cesare Cremonini)
shine on me (Cesare Cremonini)
But tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I know
I know that it passes through the confines
and again life
seems [to be] made for you
and it begins
tomorrow is already here
I pull out a piece in the ream, [being] hidden I write and don't succeed maybe because the earthquake shocked me
Every life that you save, every stone that you place, it makes you think about tomorrow but you can only do (it) today
and life, life is made big like this
and it begins tomorrow
Between the clouds and the sea you can make and repair
with a little luck
you can forget
Where will I be?
tomorrow, where will I be?
Dove sarò domani, tendimi le mani, tendimi le mani (Marracash)
Between the clouds and the sea you can go and go
in the wake of the ships beyond the storm
and sometimes you see
a light of the prow
and someone yells: tomorrow
Like an eagle that flies
free among the sky and the stones we are always different and we are always the same
you did the maximum (you did your best) and the maximum wasn't enough and you didn't know how to cry and now
that you learned the tears aren't enough to blend the concrete
here are the citizens of Abruzzo
the intensity of the lamps grows a fraction of
of a second before the end your mother
your love of the land to reconstruct
as well as the schools, the houses but especially the heart
eppure un posto dove facciamo l'amore (guessing)- and a place to make love
we are not so alone
in building castles in the sky (air)
we are not alone
on the same ship
we are not alone
in building castles in the sky
we are not alone
in being well in Italy
on the same ship
in imagining a new day in Italy
Sulla scia delle navi di là dal temporale (Piero Pelù)
Non siamo così soli (Giorgia, Mario Venuti, Giusy Ferreri, Dolcenera, Giuliano Sangiorgi)
Domani è già qui
(Assolo violino Mauro Pagani)
E di nuovo la vita sembra fatta per te e comincia (Elisa)
Tra le nuvole e il mare, si può fare e rifare
E di nuovo la vita, sembra fatta per te (Mango)
(coro finale)
E domani domani, domani lo so
E di nuovo la vita sembra fatta per te
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Domani 21/04.2009

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